read - loved (26), read - liked (25), Read - loved (9), Read - liked (4), read - didn't like (4), read liked (2), Read - liked a lot (2), Good (2), Started (1), I read this years ago. I remember laughing out loud. (1), Read back when it first came out. Loved Gilda (1), Read back when it first came out. (1), Read in high school. This was my kind of book back then. (1), Read - very good. Counts toward my 75 books 2011 goal and my books off the shelf goal. (1), Read years ago and enjoyed. Also enjoyed Evan on Sex in the City (1), Didn't enjoy nearly as much as I thought I would. I found the imagery repetitious and there just wasn't enough to the plot for my taste. (1), 2/75 (1), 3/75 (1), 4/75 (1), 5/75 (1), Read many years ago. Will never forget the Lady Chablis. (1), read - not very well-written (1), Read a few years ago. Fascinating family. I wish I knew the true story. (1), but I'm interested in the case. (1), 7/75 (1), Started for bookclub. Didn't finish - am pre-occupied these days. (1), Enjoyed. Brought back lots of memories. (1), and realistic relationship struggles. Very much appreciate that the characters with major health problems are not portrayed as saints. (1), Good story involving contemporary health care issues (1), Good book. Liked how Bragg recognizes how luck played a role in his life. Many successful people fail to acknowledge good luck. Wish he would have just gotten a mortgage so his mother could have a house sooner. (1), Read many years ago - enjoyed. (1), Marie is my hero. (1), Loved the line about how all you learn when you're poor is how to be poor. (1), I found it entertaining. The book club was less enthused. (1), 6/75 #2 off the shelf (1), 8/75 Eye-opening (1), #3 off shelf (1), sitting in the middle back row. Good book (1), $.99 on kobo (1), 24/75 (1), 23/75 also off the shelf (1), 22/75 (1), 21/75 (1), 20/75 (1), 19/75 (1), 18/75 (1), 17/75 (1), 16/75 also off the shelf (1), bad situation. (1), Read this about '93 during a red-eye from Hawaii to DFW (1), Read in high school. (1), 15/75 (1), but they're not quite ready. Maybe later... (1), wanted to read with the kids (1), 14/75 (1), 13/75 (1), 12/75 (1), 11/75 (1), 10/75 #4 off the shelf (1), Groopman doesn't acknowledge the role of MD's in the mess we're in enough (1), and glad their troubles with their leadership was chronicled here. (1), 9/75 (1), Enjoyed overall. Thought the plot line where the poorest white woman gets along with her maid was not believable. (1), Read about 10 years ago and enjoyed. (1), Dark and dreary. (1), Surprised at how much was devoted to AA women in the civil rights movement (1), but not as well as The Kitchen God's Wife (1), but it was set in the city of my birth (Fort Smith (1), Very fun read. (1), read - learned a lot and enjoyed it too. (1), read - really liked (1), read - story has stayed with me (1), read - loved - my favorite novel (1), read - it was OK (1), read - very good read (1), read - very enjoyable (1), but not as well as other Steinbeck (1), Read - better than I expected (1), Read - liked - not as well as Native Son (1), Surprised that I couldn't get into it. (1), Very funny! (1), Pretty good (1), Didn't finish (1), Surprise (1), Funny (1), read -loved (1), read - fun (1), read loved (1), really liked (1), read - very good (1), started - didn't finish (1), AR) (1), Really enjoyed. Others in my book club were less enamored. (1), Read part of it. Meant to finish. (1), enjoyable and believable. (1), Great story from my childhood. (1), Didn't like as much as I expected. Couldn't sympathize with the characters much. (1), Read - very good (1), but don't remember much of it. (1), Read it years ago (1), This book affected me a great deal when I read it. Harrowing true story. (1), but not as great as I expected. (1), classic story. (1), Read long ago. Great (1), surprise; Oprah is a control freak. (1), but light. A bit too good to be true. (1), but a bit tedious in places. (1), Fun summer read. Good suspense. (1), Learned a lot. This book changed how I think about food. (1), Everyone should know about this story. Great read. (1), and contradicts himself. (1), Read long ago. Unbelievable but true. (1), Good read. Especially like the details of the investigation. (1), My mind wandered when reading this book. (1), but did cause me to feel sympathy for Palin. (1), Not too much new since I followed the election pretty closely (1), Read back in the day. Remember thinking it was a good chronicle of what happened. RIP Tammy Faye. (1), Original story. Fun read (1), but didn't get into. Wish I could tell Marion I read it. (1), Liked the apple chapter. Got tired of the others. Didn't finish (1), $5 on kobo (1)
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Aug 15, 2007
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Nancy Ledbetter
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Favorites: Steinbeck, Tan, Michener, PTheroux, WLamb, RWright,ARule
Gone w/the Wind, Roots, Native Son, Hawaii, Lonesome Dove, Riding the Iron Rooster, The Secret History, The Social Transformation of American Medicine, True Crime
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RN, Oncology. 40s, 2 kids. AR-->TN-->WA-->CA-->HA-->TN-->CA-->OR
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