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Om migBack when I was about three years old my father tried to get me to read Little House In the Big Woods aloud to him. I did it, but what little sense my three year old mind was able to make of the words culminated in a dream about a creepy old pioneer woman in a rocking chair asking me to read to her and a green goblin-devil-face blocking my escape, and also an aversion to realistic fiction that would last into my early 20s.

These days I still show a preference for speculative fiction, but within that realm I don't stick so strictly to fantasy as once I did, and I've nothing against diversifying beyond that either, particularly into the occasional interesting looking nonfiction. Though general business and a childhood spent with reading done primarily aloud has left me with the reading speed of...well, someone reading aloud (even when silent). Meaning I don't actually get a lot of reading done hardly ever. But I do spend time writing overlong About Me sections on mildly popular social networking sites, and I think that deserves me a little street cred.

I like manga, probably particularly seinen. I like dark humor. I'm all about stories that are all about their characters and all about making them relate to others in interesting ways. I like epic fantasies in theory, but have a hard time picking through to ones with writing styles and characters interesting enough I'll enjoy. I like fantasies that approach the genre in less traditional ways, though I do lean away from the modern urban iterations. I like my scifi soft and human.

I love strong and interesting female characters (and no, not just ones who are strong-willed and can beat people up. More females/stories that pass the Bechdel Test, plz), but a lifetime of reading or watching many less than satisfying ones has left me over-easily peeved with them. Leading me too gravitate to heavily male-populated stories, leading to a thing for reading male bonding, leading to getting into slash, leading to getting into canon stories about gay male romance? ...This seems like a really weird point A and point B.

Though by "weird" I probably mean "AWESOME."

Om mitt bibliotekI like reviewing my library because it 1) gives me a nice chronological log of the things I've read, 2) is a nice way to reflect on what it is I did or didn't like about a book and understand more about my tastes, and 3) gives me a nice false sense of accomplishment, especially important those times I notice a book makes me want to claw my eyes out a little and every single hour I've spent reading it was maybe a big waste of time, only no it wasn't it was just gathering material for the review, see?

These questionable objectives are nicely reflected in my reviews, which veer wildly between long and short, ranty and formal, pumped full of personal bias and attempting to consider a slightly more objective view, concerning content I remember well or hardly at all, at least in one case breaking down entirely in the middle for an only vaguely related feminist rant, and always heavily favoring speaking about the things I didn't like about a book, even if it is a book I like.

These things are kind of more for me. But, added bonus, they are for any others who also share the same biases as me. UNITE!

Unfortunately, due to the time it took, a while ago I just kind of gave up on doing this. (After a short stint attempting to save time by writing short reviews. Truth? Condensing your thoughts into short reviews can take longer than vomiting them en-mass onto the screen. I'm not really sure why this didn't occur to me from the beginning.) Maybe again someday...



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