Realistic Fiction. The theme of this book is colors. I would use this book with kindergarten kids when teaching lessons on colors. (2), Poetry. The theme of this story is rhyme. I would use this book as an example of rhyming with my students. (2), Realistic Fiction (1), Fiction. This book follows the story of giving a pig a pancake and all the circumstances that follow along after that. Children love this book. It keeps them very engaged and trying to guess what the pig will do next. (1), Fiction. The hen finds some seeds (1), and plows them. She asked the other barnyard animals to help her but they refuse. Once all the work is done Hen makes delicious bread. Now all the animals are wanting the bread. Hen refuses because no one would help er. This is a great lesson for encourag (1), Informational. Super Interesting! Would be great to use in a science about bees. (1), Informational. Awesome pictures! This book has the most beautiful pictures and it gives any info you would need to know about elephants. (1), Fiction. Love Mary Ellen's grandpa! Great ending with a good lesson all kids should learn. (1), Fiction. LOVE THIS BOOK! So sweet and could help a child transition into having a sibling. (1), Fiction. Really love the funky illustrations. Fun book to read to read to class or have in boo center for ids to read on their own. (1), Realistic Fiction. LOVE this book. This is such a sweet book. I will have this book in my classroom and a copy at my own home! It has such a wonderful message. (1), Fiction. This book reminds me of my child hood. I love it. So sweet and every ids needs o know how much they are loved. (1), Fiction. Llama Llama begins school and is very homesick from his mama. Great book to help ids transition into school if maybe they are missing mama too. (1), Poetry. Another book that bring back childhood memories. Always loved Dr. Seuss and this one is one of my favorites. (1), Realistic Fiction. Jenny becomes very jealous when her favorite Uncle gets married and she is no longer the center of his attention. Jenny has to learn to her new aunt a chance and maybe a new friendship will arise. (1), Owen and Charm. This book is filled with all kinds of adventure and it will make your imagination run wild. (1), Fiction. Peter Rabbit (1), Poetry. When baby bird hatches while his mother is away he is on a search to find out who is mother is and what she looks like. Such a cute book! (1), Fantasy. Nothing better than the classic Cinderella book! A must have in my future reading center. (1), Fantasy. This fun book tells the story of Snow White with a twist. Great for any princess loving little girl. (1), Fiction. Logan and Arthur are the main characters. A great chapter book for upper elementary kids to read. (1), Fiction. Eddie. Eddie is n he search to find her mother a wonderful fluffy little squishy. As she searches her town all hopes seems lost to find the gift. Eddie realizes that through perseverance she can overcome her troubles. (1), Fantasy. Tiana the main character. A great book to use in the classroom to talk about the importance of family and friends. Also a good lesson on how to work for something that you want and to never give up. (1), Fiction. Sam and Gus are the main characters. This would be a great book to use as an example of how students can use their abilities and gifts to help other people. (1), Fiction. The School bus is the main character. This a great book to help spark imagination. (1), Fantasy. Jazman and Aladdin the two main character. A fun book to have in the classroom for free reading. It follows the classic disney movie that every child knows and loves. (1), An overview of Thomas Jefferson’s life and the role he played in writing the Declaration of Independence. (1), The main characters in the story are two classmates named Bethany and Owen. Along the adventure more main characters are added. Kiel Gnomenfoot (1), Dr. Verity and Jonathan Porterhouse are among those characters. The story takes place in the real world of Bethany and Owen’s school (1), and mother rabbit. Peter is a very rebelling rabbit who does as he pleases. One day he finds himself in the garden of mean Mr. McGregor. Peter has to escape the garden without being captures. Scared for his life Peter returns home safely to his mother. (1), Non-Fiction/ Biography. Set in the 1860's. George is an African American slave form North Carolina that teaches loves words. He teaches himself to read and begins to develop beautiful poems. He works for a terrible master who puts an end to his readings a (1), Fiction. Nora. Nora decides that she wants to be a princess and demands she be treated like one. Once Nora realizes that a princess cannot play in the mud or outside. She quickly eaves the crown to be a normal little girls. (1), you could use the book and movie as a compare and contrast assignment in class. (1), plants (1), Kiel (1), Fiction (1), Charm (1), Mr. McGregor (1), the Magister (1), Theme would be starting school. I would use this book at the beginning of the year to read to children that were not wanting to come to school. (1), Realistic Fiction. The main character is Alice. I would use this in my classroom to help build imagination. (1), Realistic Fiction. David is the main character of the story. I would use this book at the beginning of the year to help transition children into a new school year. (1), Traditional Literature. The Cat is the main character. I would use this book as an introduction to Poetry. (1), Realistic Fiction. I would use this book when using an occupation theme in the classroom. The theme of this story could be safety. (1), Traditional Literature also Fantasy. Dorthy and Toto are two of the main characters. This is classic movie (1), Realistic Fiction. Theme is about friendship and acceptance. This book has a great message. It teaches children how not to compete with each other but to work together and make the situation better. (1), homes (1), Realistic Fiction. The theme of this book is kindness. This would be a great book to teach kids how to be kind to others and that there is a nice way to say things to people. (1), Theme would be starting school. I would use this book at the beginning of school to help kids transition into a new school year. (1), Fiction.Characters: Bethany (1), Fiction. The characters are the pigeon and the bus driver. This book goes through a series of the pigeon asking the readers if he can drive the bus after the bus driver has told them not to let him. This book is great for reader engagement and involvement (1), Fiction. character is Tommy. Tommy is devastated because he has lost his favorite truck and cannot seem to find it anywhere. The book follows Tommy as he searches high and low for his red truck. (1), Fiction. Sam and Samantha. Sam's sister Samantha is not very nice to him. One day when she asks him to make her a sandwich. Sam see's an opening for revenge. Sam makes her a sandwich but adds all kinds of insects and bugs into it. Great for science lesson (1), Fiction. Little Mouse and Big Hungry Bear. This book is about friendship and sharing. Little mouse has picked a giant strawberry . He is scared the big hungry bear is going to steal it though. So he does everything he can think of to hide it or disguise i (1), Fiction. A nameless little boy who loves to paint. He paints everything in sight from the ceiling to the floor to even himself. He paints everything to while singing I ain't gonna paint no more to the tune of it ain't gonna rain no more. This book would b (1), Informational. Anju is an elephant that has been captured from the wild to become a circus elephant. The book talks about how Anju was sometimes treated nicely but sometimes treated very badly. The book give much information on how you can save and protec (1), Fiction. The book goes through the stages of metamorphosis of a butterfly. This would be a great book to use to teach in a science lesson. (1), Fiction. Emma Kate has an imaginary friend that she does everything with. In the end the reader will find out that Emma Kate's friend is much more to this imaginary friend than you would ever realize. (1), Fiction. Emmy. Emmy loves a tree that her grandmother has and a tree of her own is a she wants for her birthday. Emmy cannot seem to find the tree in stores because it is considered a wild tree and not what people want in their yards. Emmy must find anoth (1), nearby library along with the fictional world of Magisteria and Quantiterium. Part of the action also takes place at the home of Jonathan Porterhouse. (1)
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