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Yes, definitely a book fiend! Loads of books. Too many to count. A dizzying amount. I don't even have them all listed here.

It's hard to write reviews on books that don't cut it. I give it the first chapter test. If it doesn't hook me in then its done, kaput. Sometimes..I go back to them. Which, by the way, happens quite a bit. I find that the "keepers" in my library I hold near and dear. I re-read, re-discover, re-visit them.

In actuality, about 3 books in 30 are keepers. There has to be something significant about them-a great character, a plotline I think is distinctive, a new realm discovered, a wholly new voice that speaks to me. In a world of literary copycats, finding that one true voice can be the best scavenger hunt of all. The book doesn't have to be stellar through and through, just singular.
San Francisco Girl, now living in the American South!
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