Om mitt bibliotek
Small selection of favourite authors, or works relating to them and their interests (which I fondly imagine may be mine).
Sometimes we open a book, says Pascal, expecting to find an author, and discover a person instead. These are invariably the volumes that matter most to us.
Pascal, himself, would be a case in point (for me).

Nicholas of Cusa, another nudnik I admire, used to compare and contrast learned ignorance (docta ignorantia) with ignorant learning. This is the kind of distinction I dig.
Kundera says somewhere that this is the Nietzsche he loves; not the herald of the Overman or the prophet of Eternal Return, but the guy who runs out of his house to embrace a poor horse being beaten, who hugs it around the neck, sobbing some futile apologies, before he is carted off to the asylum. (Neitzsche's favourite author, Dostoievsky, predicted this also.)

Inevitably, perhaps, 'my library' is 'about me' just as I am 'about my library' (in a manner of speaking).
As well as the number of angels who dance on the head of a pin, this is the sort of 'pataphysical puzzle that pre-occupies me. While I'm (marginally) conscious.
Om mig
Ancient bookseller, or 'collector' at any rate.
Never discovered the knack of parting with the things willingly (least of all for mere money) but happy to find a few of them somewhere else to inhabit (if need be).
A mildly quixotic 'business plan' that may yet make me a fabulous fortune (but probably won't!). H'm.

Although very interested in 'religion,' especially Catholicism in the widest sense, I am not (alas) a Christian of any kind - though I hope to become one some day (Cf Dostoievsky's Shatov). But don't hold your breath.

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