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May 9, 2008
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2009 - 50 Book Challenge - Completed 59 Books
2010 - 75 Book Challenge - Completed 121 Books
2011 - 75 Book Challenge - Completed 123 Books
2012 - 75 Book Challenge - Completed 100 Books

Although I initially found LT in 2008, I really only began "using" it in mid-2009 when I began exploring it with my daughter (bookpup). My reading has always been somewhat eclectic - and the more obscure the book, the better - and in general, I tend to lean toward historical fiction, literary fiction and nonfiction as the norm.

I am an avid participant in the 75 Book Challenge and the TIOLI challenges in particular. Through these groups, my wishlist has grown significantly, and I have found that the diversity of my reading lists have expanded as well.

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I am married to my high school sweetheart (just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary), a father to one daughter and living in the suburbs of Chicago. I am a sales manager in the publishing industry, specifically selling audiobooks - so a lot of what I "read" is actually in (unabridged) audiobook format (but listening is reading too!).
Chicago Suburbs
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Boklådor: Anderson's Bookshop - Naperville, Brattle Book Shop, Dom Knigi (House of Books/ Дом Книги at 62 Nevsky), Howard's Books, Second Looks Books, Waterstones London (Piccadilly)

Bibliotek: Dominy Memorial Library, Geneva Public Library, Lincoln Public Library

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