Riktigt namn
Ms. Raphael
Om mitt bibliotek

Welcome to our Team Phoenix Classroom Library!

We have many ways to support you in finding your perfect next book, including visiting Mrs. Kunkel in our school library. I also work to keep a diverse and interesting group of books in my classroom, right at your fingertips and that collection is digitized here so you can peruse in person or from a device anywhere!

Please note, I ask you to check out your book on Library Cat so we can track where our classroom library is--and I encourage you to take your books home to read for at least 25 minutes each night.

If you need any help, please do not hesitate to ask!

Om mig

I love learning new things.

I'm originally from Seattle, WA.

I enjoy theater, improv, and playwriting.

I play guitar and ukulele and I'm in two bands.

I am getting back into backpacking and want to section hike the whole Long Trail over the next five years.

I have a dog, a cat, two human children, and a partner who is very good at drawing small pictures (icons) for a living.

Vergennes Union Middle School