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Jan 24, 2024
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Reilly McNamara
Om mitt bibliotek

My library contains personally purchased books, gifted books, and all the books I received from Fairfield High School Library in 2019. I am trying to catalogue all of the books I own in order to be able to better search through them and donate/sell the books I no longer need.

Om mig

Hi, I'm Reilly! I am a collector of many things, mainly books and craft supplies, but my love for stories extends well past the page. I am a graduate student at the Academy of Art University, studying Game Design. Books serve as huge inspiration for most of my video game ideas. I feel the market is lacking in adaptations of books into games, so I hope to bridge that gap!

I am married to the most wonderful person, my husband Matty. He indulges my bad habit by helping me to find the best thrift and used book stores. He's not much of a reader, but on occasion, him and I will sit down, turn on some music, and I read to him.

I feel that books are a way to find connection with people you might otherwise not encounter. Thus, myself and one of my best friends started a little book club! So far, it is just the 2 of us, but we are open to expanding in the future!

Fairfield, California
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