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Tete a Tete: Portraits by Henri Cartier-Bresson av Henri Cartier-Bresson

Prague av Sadakat Kadri

The Metaphysical Poets

Dizionario Garzanti Italiano Inglese Inglese Italiano

The Pack of women av Robyn Archer

Fever Pitch av Nick Hornby

American Tabloid av James Ellroy

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TaggarItaly (93), travel guides (69), Biography (65), Girl Guides (65), crime fiction (63), Annuals (63), Autobiography (50), Turkey (47), China (46), Ancient History (45) — se alla taggar

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Molntaggmoln, författarmoln, taggspegel

Om migRising-50 bibliophile...I can't help it, it's always been this way! You know, from reading under the covers with a torch, to a house whose pillars are piles of books. Married to an equally book-obsessed man, with one son who avoids reading if he can help it. Just don't talk to me about role-modelling: what a big load of phooey! But he teaches me a lot about being funny, cricket, Yu-gi-oh, computer games and pop culture (like why you need a mobile phone for everything other than making phone calls)

In another life I was a school librarian - in various places in Sydney, and then in Dorset in England for a couple of years. Nowadays I'm a researcher.

I'm not one of these people who dread the idea of retirement. I can't wait. I'm hoping then there'll be time to do everything: make cards and ATCs, travel (everywhere - there will be a huge lottery win to enable this), swim every day at a time other than 5:30am, read, play on the computer even more, and continue being an obsessive photo-blogger.

Om mitt bibliotekThere isn't a room in the house without books. I just went into the laundry, and sure enough...(hey, I found that book I was looking for).

The ratio of Read:TBR is a constant worry, but nature abhors a vaccuum, so if a space appears in the bedroom shelves (all the TBRs), it MUST be filled.



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Riktigt namnSally

VistelseortSydney, Australia

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Medlem sedanJun 7, 2007

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