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Om migI'm Shawna. I'm a single mom of four who keeps her sanity by reading--- if I'm not reading frequently, my temper is short, my patience is short, and I'm miserable to live with--- and way stressed-out and disorganized.

The kids are Michael, age 18; Tyler, age 16; Chris, age 14; and Chey, age 11. You'll see their books here, too. Thanks to yard sales, and thrift stores, we can afford to have lots of children's books in the house. Been trying to find a good way to track them... and here it finally is. There are somewhere above 1000 children's books in the house, I believe... but no one is really sure. They just keep coming home with us. At a nickel or dime apiece, or a bag for a buck, who can resist? It's far more important to me to have physical books constantly available for the kids... I rarely reread things, so get a lot of what I read from the library or in digital form.

New Note: Things have been crazy lately, and I just haven't had the time to enter more books. Soon, I hope. If nothing else, we're talking about homeschooling beginning this fall--- if we do, keeping the book list accurate will become a "must do" thing. (Possibly in sheer desperation to be able to find anything!)

Om mitt bibliotekIncluded is books I own, either in print or digital form, and books I've read, along with books I want to read or buy. Also tracking the kids' books, everything in one place for once. The tags make it work for me.

And no, I'm not a book snob. If I'm desperate, I'll pick up and read just about anything. The only exception might be really dry history. I come by this naturally... my father always has reading material at hand, and it was nothing unusual to find the dictionary in odd places like the bathroom. As a child, I had favorite volumes of the family encyclopedia. As an adult, with all my books packed during an across-state move, short on cash and without library access yet, my temper was rather short. In desperation, my then-husband brought home a dozen Walmart romance novels they'd had marked down to 4/$1. That got us through the weekend, until I could visit the library. A few weeks later, I ran across my dad, reading. He'd run out of things to read... and was working his way through those novels I'd left there. So... anything once. (Especially if it's free. I do draw the law at actually purchasing romance novels. They're too easy to come by for nothing. But I'll bring home a whole box if they're free.)

"A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age, as a fine building should be seen by morning light, at noon and by moonlight. "
- Robertson Davies

5/15/06 - Yes, I've been lazy lately about getting books entered. Been busier with homeschool and family issues then I anticipated, and hope to be back at it soon. Oh, and my screen name is Shawna on PBS, too.

4/2/06 - In process of completely rearranging how I am doing things.

"Oregonjade" had our actual, physical, household library.
"Shawna" has what I've read, what I want to read, etc.
(The kids each have their own, too, but I'm not sharing that til I get this sorted out better, if then.)
"Sphs" has, at this time, children's non-fiction books from the library or various places that are logged by catagory.

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Läser just nuThe Magic Engineer (Recluce series, Book 3) av L. E. Modesitt Jr.

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