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"Time is to short to read bad books."

Most all the books that I have read for pleasure, or at least all those I can remember. A few books that I chose to read out of professional interest.

Most psychology, cognitive psych/science, instructional design, memory, motivation, learning theory and leadership books used for work,research, and or reference will not be listed at this time.

Stories are mostly for entertainment purposes there for, similar to my movie rating my book rating is based on time. The point of the story is to lose your sense of reality and become a character or relate to the character and or story therefore at the end of the book/movie if you are left asking "What happens next?" or related question the story teller did their job well however, if you look at your clock and or not completely enthralled, you want to skip pages then well the story isn't keeping you completely involved and the rating goes down. There are of course exceptions and sometime very good stories will keep a higher rating regardless of its pace. It is only after the story is told when you may think wow then the rating will remain high.

5 stars = One of my favorites/have probably reread or will, just couldn't stop reading
4 stars = Great entertainment/fun to read/or Very well written good to great story.
3 stars = Good entertaining and enjoyable.
2 stars = struggled through it but found bits of it enjoyable, slow or predictable..
1 star = Life is to short to read bad books, for me just couldn't finnish it.
Om mig
Enjoy Sci-Fi the most but reading in general so my library and reading interest can range from history, historical fiction, gen-fiction to religion and Science....

Work as a college administrator/professor of Digital Media. Research focus is in technology, multimedia learning/cog. psych and leadership. Spend my personal interests watching my kids grow up and play their sports, reading, fishing, writing and music.

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