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Posters From Paddington Printshop av John Phillips

Malina av Ingeborg Bachmann

A Brief History of Feminism (MIT Press) av Patu

Notes from No Man's Land : American Essays av Biss, Eula

Oyster av Janette Turner Hospital

Where the God of Love Hangs Out: Fiction av Amy Bloom

Cartographic Grounds: Projecting the Landscape Imaginary av Jill Desimini

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Medlem: tallpaul

SamlingarDitt bibliotek (2,702), Read in 2016 (3), Read in 2015 (45), Önskelista (1), Lästa men inte ägda (117), Books once owned, now no longer (2), pruned (13), Alla samlingar (2,835)

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Molntaggmoln, författarmoln, taggspegel

Om migOriginally from the UK, was living in the USA (9 years), now back again. Lapsed anarchist turned vaguely responsible father.

Books Read in 2020
Cynan Jones, Stillicide
Birgit Vanderbeke, The Mussel Feast
Daisy Johnson, Everything Under
John Hawkes, The Lime Twig
Han Kang, The Vegetarian
Various, Bittersweet on the Autism Spectrum
Gail Haveren, The Confessions of Noa Weber
Helen DeWitt, Some Trick
Shaun Tan, Tales from the Inner City
Katherine May, Wintering
Tove Jansson, The True Deceiver
Nikolai Gogol, The Nose
Eula Biss, The Balloonists
Natalia Ginzburg, The Little Virtues
Iris Murdoch, Under the Net
Kate Walbert, His Favorites
Sergei Dovlatov, The Suitcase
Dalia Grinkevičiūtė, Shadows on the Tundra
Carlo Emilio Gadda, That Awful Mess on the Via Merulana
Banana Yoshimoto, Kitchen
Katherine May, The Electricity of Every Living Thing
Renata Adler, Pitch Dark
Nathalie Léger, Suite for Barbara Loden
Hilary Mantel, Bring Up The Bodies
Andrej Blatnik, You Do Understand
Meena Kandasamy, Exquisite Cadavers
Paddy Kitchen, The Fleshy School
Jim Crace, The Devil's Larder
Ella Frears, Shine, Darling
Alan Hunt, Governance of the Consuming Passions: a history of sumptuary law
Dorthe Nors, Wild Swims
Magdalena Tulli, Dreams and Stones
Hiromi Kawakami, Strange Weather in Tokyo
Daisy Hildyard, The Second Body
Claire Pollard, Fierce Bad Rabbits
Agustín Fernández Mallo, Nocilla Experience
Catherynne M Valente, Palimpsest
Elanor Graham, The Children Who Lived in a Barn
Deborah Levy, Hot Milk
Bohumil Hrabal, Closely Watched Trains
Iris Owens, After Claude
Deb Olin Unferth, Barn 8
Phillip Pullman, Serpentine
Julia Darling, Pearl and other stories
Eve Garnett, The Family from One End Street
Bae Suah, Untold Night and Day
Wayne D Cocroft & Roger JC Thomas, Cold War: Building for Nuclear Confrontation 1946-1989
Ysenda Maxtone Graham, Terms & Conditions: Life in Girl's Boarding Schools 1939-1979

48 total, 13/34 male/female (1 mixed/anthology), 35 fiction, 10 nonfiction, 2 poetry.
18 in translation: German 1, Korean 2, Hebrew 1, Swedish 1, Russian 2, Italian 2, Lithuanian 1, Japanese 2, French 1, Slovene 1, Danish 1, Polish 1, Spanish 1, Czech 1

Books Read in 2019
Ulinka Rublack, Dressing Up: Cultural Identity in Renaissance Europe
Dorothy Richardson, Pilgrimage Vol 1. Pointed Roofs; Backwater; Honeycomb.
Antonio Muñoz Molina, Like a Fading Shadow.
Esther Kinsky, River
George Perec, An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris
Barbara Comyns, Our Spoons Came From Woolworths
Dorthe Nors, Mirror, Shoulder, Signal
Adolofo Bioy Casares, The Invention of Morel
Debby Tung, Book Love
Olga Tokarczuk, Flights
June Akers Seese, What Waiting Really Means
Anna Maria Ortese, Evening Descends Upon the Hills: Stories from Naples
Ann Coxon, Briony Fer & Maria Müller-Schareck(Eds), Anni Albers
Joanna Walsh, Worlds From the Word's End
Dorothy Richardson, The Tunnel (Pilgrimage Vol 2)
Jenny Erpenbeck, Visitation
Sean O'Brien, Europa
Marie N'Diaye, Self-Portrait in Green
Tove Jansson, Fair Play
Agustín Fernández Mallo, Nocilla Dream
Jean Sprackland, Sleeping Keys
Renee Gladman, Houses of Ravicka
Posy Simmonds, Cassandra Darke
Nell Dunn, Talking To Women
Anne Quin, Berg
Gilbert Adair, The Death of the Author
Susannah Clapp, A Card from Angela Carter
Michael Longley, Ghetto (illus. Sarah Longley)
Lina Wolff, The Polyglot Lovers
Nathan Filer, The Heartland: Finding and Losing Schizophrenia
Dorothy Richardson, Interim (Pilgrimage Vol 2)
Amber Sparks, The Unfinished World
Florian Huber, Promise Me You'll Shoot Yourself: The Downfall of Ordinary Germans in 1945
Helen Mort, Division Street
Mario Levrero, Empty Words
Muriel Spark, The Girls of Slender Means
Adam Phillips, Attention Seeking
Rita Indiana, Tentacle
Tony White, The Fountain in the Forest
Helen Garner, The Children's Bach
Yoko Ogawa, The Memory Police
Yuri Buida, The Zero Train
Deborah Levy, The Man Who Saw Everything
Esmé Weijun Wang, The Collected Schizophrenias.
Catherine Kovesi Killerby, Sumptary Law in Italy 1200—1500
Dorothy Richardson, Deadlock (Pilgrimage Vol.3)
Phillip Pullman, The Secret Commonwealth:The Book of Dust Vol 2
Natalia Ginsburg, Dear Michael
Mathias Énard, Compass
Yasmina Reza, Babylon
Taras Young, Nuclear War in the UK
Erich Kästner, Dot and Anton
Lydia Peelle, Reasons for and Advantages of Breathing

Stats: 55 total 17/37 male/female (1 mixed/anthology), 21 in translation, 10 Non-fiction, 4 Poetry, 2 graphic novels

Books Read in 2016 (Incomplete)
The Ghost Network, Catie Disabato
The Manhattan Projects, Vol. 1: Science Bad, Hickan & Pitarra
Fractal Prince, Hanni Rajaniemi

Stats: 3+ total 2/1 male/female (0 anthology), 0 in translation, 0 poetry, 1 Graphic novels.

Books read in 2015
Silence Once Begun, Jesse Ball
Faces in the Crowd, Valeria Luiselli
The Book of Words, Jenny Erpenbeck
Lust and Other Stories, Susan Minot
Shantytown, César Aira
The Dark Film, Paul Farley
What Becomes, A.L. Kennedy.
You Do Understand, Andrej Blatnik.
On Immunity: An Inoculation, Eula Biss.
The Facts of Winter, Paul Poissel/Paul La Farge
Stone Arabia, Dana Spiotta
Turtle Diary, Russell Hoban
The Exiles Return, Elisabeth de Waal
Karate Chop, Dorthe No
The Unofficial Countryside, Richard Mabey
A Different Bed Every Time, Jac Jemc
The Secret Lives of Wives, Pietro Aretino
Natural Histories, Guadalupe Nettel
Dreams and Stones, Magdalena Tulli
Ways of Going Home, Alejandro Zambra
Kathryn Simmonds, Sunday at the Skin Launderette
The Strange Case of Rachel K, Rachel Kushner
Train Songs: Poetry of the Railway (ed. Don Patterson)
Baltics, Tomas Tranströmer
Things I Don't Want to Know, Deborah Levy
Ice, Vladimir Sorokin
The World's Two Smallest Humans, Julia Copus
Ice, Anna Kavan
Lone Wolf & Cub, Vol 14: Day of the Demons, Kazuo Koike & Goseki Kojima
The Wrenchies, Farel Dalrymple
The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher, Hilary Mantel
The Ticking, Reneé French
Students for a Democratic Society: A Graphic History. Harvey Pekar, Gary Dumm
Sidewalks, Valeria Luiselli
Swallowing Geography, Deborah Levy
The Heat Death of the Universe, Pamela Zoline
Landing Light:Poems, Don Paterson
Dept. of Speculation, Jenny Offill
Short Letter, Long Farewell, Peter Handke
Comeback Ed Brisson, Michael Walsh, Jordie Bellaire.
Sing Me No More, Lynnette Dueck
Then, Alison Brackenbury
The Obscene Madame D, Hilda Hilst
Palefire, Mk Reed & Farel Dalrymple
Here, Richard McGuire
Dörfler, Jeremy Baum
Nemo, Roses of Berlin, Alan Moore, Kevin 0'Neill
Vertigo, Joanna Walsh
The Quantum Thief, Hannu Rajaniemi

Stats: 49 total, 22/26 male/female (1 anthology), 17 in translation, 7 poetry, 9 graphic novels.

To read in 2015(Maybe):
Helen Garner: The Spare Room Anzac Authors Reading Challenge 2015

Books read in 2012
Your Face Tomorrow: Fever and Spear, Javier Marias
The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake, Aimee Bender
Metropole, Ferenc Karinthy
The Sixties, Jenifer Diski
The Arrival, Shaun Tan
I, City, Pavel Brycz
My Revolutions, Hari Kunzu
The Summer Book, Tove Jansson
Lightning Rods, Helen DeWitt
César Aira, Ghosts
The Night Bookmobile, Audrey Niffenegger
Ten Tales Tall & True, Alasdair Gray
Asterios Polyps, David Mazzucchelli
The Museum of Unconditional Surrender, Dubravka Ugresic
Florida, Christine Schutt
Bonsai, Alejandro Zambra
Netherland, Joseph O'Neill
Beautiful Mutants, Deborah Levy
Selected Stories, Robert Walser
Flame Alphabet, Ben Marcus
The Bug, Ellen Ullman
Reticence, Jean-Philippe Toussaint
Men in Space, Tom McCarthy
Everyday Life, Lydie Salvayre
The Heat of the Day, Elizabeth Bowen
Everything and Nothing, Jorge Luis Borges
Vicky Swanky is a Beauty, Diane Williams
The Museum of Useless Efforts, Cristina Peri Rossi
What We Were Doing and Where We Were Going, Damion Searls
Vacant Possession, Hilary Mantel.
No One, Gwenaëlle Aubry
Too Loud a Solitude, Bohumil Hrabal

Om mitt bibliotekAlmost all books I own. There are some library books from when I imported my borrowed books en masse, but I don't keep up with it. Besides I'm trying to cut back on borrowing books and letting them sit on my shelves for the longest time -- I have enough unread books of my own.

I started doing this because I was buying an embarrassing number of duplicates. I still do, just not as many.

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