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Jun 4, 2008
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Jennifer Petersen
Om mitt bibliotek
Tea library is a collection of tea books and works by authors who share their knowledge of tea and who wish to promote the intrinsic values of tea. A self-proclaimed bookaholic, the library includes a few rare theology books, late 19th century and early 20th century works such as a complete Winston Churchill collection, historical etiquette and dining books, and a shameful cookbook collection.
Om mig
Tea gurus: Love to explore all things, people, books related to tea. Guru loosely translates to "leader" and I believe that most tea authors are leaders in their topics of interest.
I live in the Pacific Northwest where greenery abounds. My garden includes vintage and heirloom plants; a 300' wisteria draped over an oak tree, roses and rhodies, an herb garden, and several tea bushes growing in a protected area. I never disgard a book - even an outdated reference book is donated to someone - spines unbroken, no pages turned down.
Part of the fun of collecting is that somewhere, someone has a collectible similar to the vintage music collection you see on the wall behind me. Music books and sheet music tell stories.
It isn't that my family worships books. We don't. We probably never recovered from the War of Independence or the 1930's hand-to-mouth mentality - and it's therefore genetic. Books, their contents, their authors are a treasure. How authors translate their thoughts to paper amazes me. I've often pondered the ever-full pool of words that Robin Jones Gunn writes into book form - in such a way that each reader understands the contents in a different way.
Most authors don't look like authors to me! Authors should wear Irish sweaters with elbow patches, argyle socks and have nubby callouses on their pen fingers. Notice how keen an imagination I have to deduce writers look like everyone else - it's what's in their minds that differ.
A tea toast to authors! Especially to those who write books about tea.
Vancouver, WA
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