Riktigt namn
Om mitt bibliotek
My library began technically when I was a young child. My parents worked at a printing company so I got books for free. I continued buying books whenever I could. When I was 16 I began applying for a job at my local bookstore. I wasn't accepted until years and 5 applications later, but that fueled a huge amount of my collection.

Before I moved out of my previous house, I had a bit over 5,000 books. I've since pared that down to near 700 to fit my current place. I still cull periodically to get rid of books I thought I'd read but decided I never will, as well as ones I've read and want to give away.

As of December 2010, I received a NOOK e-reader for Christmas :) Combining this with my small living space, I've decided to get rid of the majority of my books (still about 1,000 of them) by selling and donating. My library will now consist of my wishlist, my e-books and the special few titles I decided to keep in physical form.
Om mig
I am a 28 year old bookseller from Pennsylvania. I am pursing a bachelors degree in Web Design and English. I have an amazing boyfriend who puts up with all of my disasters and triumphs. I hope to study abroad once I finish another semester or two of my degree.

I have been at my job for almost 8 years, first as a bookseller in our Childrens department. I moved into the Non-Fiction section of the store as a Lead Bookseller a year later, and then into the Fiction section as a Lead Bookseller for another three years.

I went down to part-time to go back to school but I still enjoy being around books all the time and learning about what is upcoming. One downfall to this job is knowing what is coming out in the future which means I have a huge want list and stacks of advanced copies to get through.

I try to review and rate books when I can, but I do have a weak spot: recommendations. If a customer at my job needs to know an obscure book they don't know the title, or author of, but only have small tidbits of information such as a color or picture on the cover, I can usually find it. I am not great at referring new books to people who want a 'book/author similar to...'