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Feb 16, 2008
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THE BOOK MUNCHER is the reviewing alias of a prolific teen reader. She is guilty of several overflowing bookshelves in several states. Her literary diet is mostly dedicated to the young adult fiction genre but has been known to occasionally stray into middle grade or adult categories. She is a firm believer that reading and literacy are as essential to modern life as physical sustenance, that fiction is often truer than nonfiction, and that stories and words have the power to change the world.

Though TBM first and foremost considers herself a bibliophile, she is also (depending on her mood) a nerd (not the candy, although it is good), rockaholic, chocolate addict (trying to reform), and fashionista (even though she refuses to match her socks). In her spare time, when not reading, she can be found stalking the events pages of local bookstores, looking for new music to put on her iPod, taking in her jeans to make them even skinnier, or trying to decipher HTML coding or whatever it's called.

If books were cookies, TBM would be a green colored Cookie Monster.
New York, NY

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