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Om migI am an arm chair historian and hugely interested in the WWII period in history; a time frame in history where man went from riding horse back into battle too trying to destroy him with nuclear weapons & ballistic missiles. All in less than 10 years. I am also into sci-fi but dont collect books on that side of things, just a few videos. Ever watch Babylon 5?!?! . I work, for now, in the airline business & use my free time to travel to as many historic sights & museums as my ever shrinking paycheck will allow. Similiar interests?? Lets chat!!!

Om mitt bibliotekMy library is almost exclusively WWII related. I am drawn in particular to the first person "I was there" accounts. The stories of "for want of a nail, a shoe was lost. For want of a shoe the horse was lost. For want of a horse the rider was lost. For want of a rider the message was lost. For want of the message the battle was lost. For want of the battle the war was lost". I may have it written wrong but I think the message is clear. Anyone know who said it?? These kinds of stories and the resulting "domino" affect I find hugely interesting.; The never ending question "What if..........???". My prized books are the few that I have that are autographed; Like George Gay, sole survivor Torpedo 8 at Midway; the people you have probably never heard of who survived the Holocaust & concentration camps; Robert Sherrod who once was asked by an unknown USN Lieutenant to autograph a book for his mother, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, while on survivor leave after his ship,PT-109, was sunk.....need I say more? I have every book I have ever owned since I was 10 or 12 still in my possession. Some I have twice as they are parts of a series or collection. I continue to add to my library as opportunities present themselves.


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