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Gene Rhea Tucker

Gene Rhea Tucker är en LibraryThing-författare, en författare som lägger upp sitt personliga bibliotek på LibraryThing.

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Medlem: tuckerresearch

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Om migI am originally from Killeen, Texas, and earned both a BA and MA in history from Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas. I earned my Ph.D. in Transatlantic History at the University of Texas at Arlington in May 2011. I have taught history at Temple College in Temple, Texas, since 2013.

Om mitt bibliotek"'What shall I do with all my books?' was the question; and the answer, 'Read them,' sobered the questioner. But if you cannot read them, at any rate handle them and, as it were, fondle them. Peer into them. Let them fall open where they will. Read on from the first sentence that arrests the eye. Then turn to another. Make a voyage of discovery, taking soundings of uncharted seas. Set them back on their shelves with your own hands. Arrange them on your own plan, so that if you do not know what is in them, you at least know where they are. If they cannot be your friends, let them at any rate be your acquaintances. If they cannot enter the circle of your life, do not deny them at least a nod of recognition." — Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill


I started buying books for myself in high school (and, according to my father, I began stealing books from him at about the same time). Since then my collection has probably doubled each year until the past two or three. I probably add ten to twenty (oh my!) books a month when you average it out over a year. Since I am a history major, most of my collection centers on history, although my interests are multifaceted. I have added cursory reviews to books I have read or reference works I have used before I opened this account. I will be adding more substantial new reviews to books as I read. I put the OCLC number in the "Other call number" box to aid look-ups on WorldCat if needed.

My account is currently set to private, so my students can't see all the weird stuff I read and collect.

FavoritförfattareColeman Barks, Charles Baudelaire, Jorge Luis Borges, William F. Buckley, Jr., Roy Campbell, Winston S. Churchill, Colin Dexter, Arthur Conan Doyle, Umberto Eco, Niall Ferguson, Felipe Fernández-Armesto, F. Leroy Forlines, Graham Hancock, Henry Lincoln, John Lukacs, Herman Melville, Robert E. Picirilli, Clifford A. Pickover, Ronald Reagan, David Rohl, Rex Stout, Nick Tosches, Gene Rhea Tucker, Oscar Wilde (Gemensamma favoriter)



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Riktigt namnGene Rhea Tucker

VistelseortBelton, Texas


Medlem sedanSep 8, 2006

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