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Age of Steam

Age of the Five

Alex Cross

All Souls

All The Birds In The Sky

American Gods

Anna Kronberg Mysteries

Anne of Green Gables

The Annwn Cycle

Arcana Series

The Baroque Cycle



Bel Dame Apocrypha

The Belgariad

Belgariad universe

Bianca Goddard Mysteries

The Black Magician Trilogy

The Black Wolves Trilogy

Blackthorn & Grim

Blood and Gold

Blood Magic (Dayton)

Bloodsounder's Arc

The Bone Mask Cycle

Bone Universe

Book of Never

The Books of the Raksura

The Bridei Chronicles

Bring Down Heaven

The Broken Earth

The Broken Empire

The Broken Empire World

Cal Leandros

Captive Prince


The Chaos Born

The Checquy Files

Children of Time

Children Trilogy

Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne

The Chronicles of Alice

The Chronicles of Llars

Chronicles of Narnia: Chronological

Chronicles of Narnia: Publication order

Chronicles of the Exile

The Cinder Spires

Classic Deadpool

The Clockwork Century

Clockwork Heart Trilogy

Code Name Verity

Codex Alera

Coldfire Trilogy

The Collectors' Society

The Colours of Madeleine

Commonwealth Universe

The Complete Chronicles of Thomas Covenant


Copper Cat


Craft Sequence: Chronological Order

Craft Sequence: Publication Order

Craw Trilogy


The Culture

The Dagger and the Coin

The Dandelion Dynasty

The Dark Tower

The Darkhaven Novels

Daughters of Shadow and Blood

DC Comics: Bombshells [print]


Deathsworn Arc

The Deed of Paksenarrion

Delia Martin

The Demon Cycle


Devan Chronicles


Deverry Cycle

Devil's Isle


The Divine Cities

Dominion of the Fallen



The Dresden Files


Dune: Complete Chronology

Dunkle Spannung

Dying Lands Chronicle

Echoes of the Fall

An Ember in the Ashes

Embers of Illeniel

Empire (Anthony Riches)

The Empty Throne

Epic of Haven

The Eschaton

Europa Series

Eve Duncan

Eve Quinn Bonnie Trilogy

The Evermen Saga


The Faithful & the Fallen

Fallen Blade

The Farseer Trilogy

Finishing School

The Firemane Saga

The First Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

The First Law

The Fisherman's Children

Fitz and the Fool Trilogy

Forgotten Realms novels

Forgotten Realms: The Dark Elf Trilogy

Forgotten Realms: The Legend of Drizzt

The Forsaken Lands

The Four Arts

The Free

The Gentleman Bastards Sequence

Girl Genius

Glamourist Histories


The Grail Quest

The Great Library

Green Rider


The Grim Company

Gryphonpike Chronicles

Guardians of Tarnec

The Hallowed War

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn [2014]

The Harp and Ring Sequence

Harry Potter

The Heirs of Watson Island

Henry II / Eleanor of Aquitaine

The Host

The Hunger Games

Hythrun Chronicles

The Illuminae Files

Imager Portfolio

The Immortal Empire

The Immortal Gene Trilogy

The Inheritance Trilogy

Iron Age

Iron Druid Chronicles

Jane True

Janna Chronicles

Keeper's Chronicles

Kharkanas Trilogy

The Kingkiller Chronicle

Kingmaker, Kingbreaker Universe

Kinsman Chronicles


Lady Julia Grey

Lady Mechanika

A Land Fit for Heroes

The Last King of Osten Ard

The Legends of the First Empire

Legends of the Realm

The Licanius Trilogy


The Liveship Traders

The Long Price Quartet

Long War

The Long War

The Lord of the Rings

The Lunar Chronicles

MaddAddam Trilogy


Magic Ex Libris

The Magicians

Maiden of Time

Maisie Dobbs

Malazan Book of the Fallen

Malazan Chronology

The Malediction Trilogy

The Malloreon

Manifest Delusions

The Masquerade

Memory, Sorrow and Thorn {Tad Williams}


The Milkweed Triptych

Millennium's Rule

Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences

Mirage Makers


Mistborn Era 1

The Moontide Quartet

The Mortal Instruments


Los Nefilim

The Nevernight Chronicle

New 52

Newford Stories

The Night Angel Trilogy


The Original Shannara Trilogy

Osten Ard

Paksenarrion's World

Pan Lodowego Ogrodu