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1001 ... before you die


87th Precinct

Adventures of Thomas Flashman

Alexandria Quartet

Alice's Adventures

Allan Quatermain

Amazing Adventures of Flash Gordon

Amber Books - Weapons & Fighting Techniques

The American Empire Project

American Gods

American Heritage - God's Plan for America

The American Trilogy

Annals of Communism

Annotated Alice

Arkham Asylum


D'Artagnan Romances

Augusten Burroughs autobiographies

The Autobiography of Bertrand Russell


The Ayn Rand Library

The Barsetshire Chronicles


A Basic History of the United States


Beacon 23

Beklan Empire

Best American

The Best American Comics

Bibliotheca personal de Jorge Luis Borges

Big Ideas Simply Explained

Blackford Oakes

Blandings Castle

Blue Ant

The Body, In Theory

Books of Abarat

Boorstin's Histories

Border Trilogy

Bush at War

C.W. Sughrue

Cambridge Companions to Philosophy

Carney Wilde

Castaways of the Flying Dutchman

The Castle in the Attic

The Cat in the Hat

The Century Trilogy

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlotte & Thomas Pitt

The Chicago History of American Civilization

Chick Publications

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chris Cherry

The Christian Tradition

The Christmas Books of Charles Dickens

Chronicles of Faith

Chronicles of Narnia: Chronological

Chronicles of Narnia: Publication order

Chronicles of Wasted Time


Cinema Year by Year


Coffee with...

Colonel Race

Concordia Scholarship Today

Copleston's History of Philosophy

Crown Journeys

Cundo Rey

Curious George


Dan Shepherd

Danziger Trilogie

The Dark Tower

David Niven

DC Showcase Presents

DC Showcase Presents: Doc Savage

The Decline and Fall - Womersley

The Detection Club

The Divine Comedy

Doc Savage

Doc Savage Original Publication Order

Don't Know Much About

Dr. Tom More

English Men of Letters

The Exorcist

Experiences at Sea

Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

Eyewitness Books


Father Brown

Fight Club

Firing Line

The Flashman Papers

Fletch Mysteries: Chronological Order

Fletch Mysteries: Publication order

The Forsyte Chronicles

Freddy the Pig

Gesammelte Werke in sieben Bänden (Goethe)

Gifford Lectures

Glass Family

The Godfather

Goethe's Faust

The Gonzo Papers

Good Soldier Svejk

Great Ideas Program

The Green Mile

Green Town

Grumpy Monkey

The Gulag Archipelago

Han Suyin's "China: Biography, History and Autobiography"

Hank the Cowdog

Harry Hole

Henry Huggins

Hercule Poirot

Historical Diaries

A History of Western Philosophy


Holmes' Coleridge

Home University Library of Modern Knowledge

Homer's Epic Cycle

Horwood's Wind in the Willows - pub. order

Horwood's Wind in the Willows - story order

Hudson Talbott's Tales of King Arthur

The Human Comedy

Huxley: Devil's Disciple to Evolution's High Priest

Illusions {Bach}

In Search of Lost Time

Indiana Jones

The Intellectual Devotional

International Library of Sociology and Social Reconstruction


Iron Fist

Iron Fist [1975]

Jack Hatfield

The Jack Novels

Jack Reacher

Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan, Chronological Order

Jack Ryan, Publication Order

James Bond novels

James Bond novels - Original Series

Janice VanCleave's Science for Fun


John Dies At The End


Kate Reddy

Kepesh Books

Khalifa Brothers

Khrushchev Remembers

Kinsey Millhone

Latin American Perspectives

Legends West

Letters from a Nut

Letters of T. S. Eliot

Library of Great Authors

The Library of Greek Philosophers

Lone Wolf and Cub

Lone Wolf and Cub Omnibus

Looking Backward series

Lord Peter Wimsey

Lowcountry Tales

Mack Bolan: The Executioner

Main Currents in American Thought

Marvel 1602

Marvel 1602 Universe

Matt Christopher Sports Classics


Milton's Paradise

Mitch Rapp

Modern Spiritual Masters Series

Mr. Mulliner

My Life in Dog Years

Nature of Man Series

New International Webster's Pocket Reference

New Lone Wolf and Cub

Noon Universe

Noon Universe, Chronological

Norton Anthologies

The Norton Anthology of American Literature

The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Sixth Edition

The Oatmeal

Oedipus Cycle

Open Media Series

The Open Society and Its Enemies

The Origins of Totalitarianism

The Oxford authors

Oxford Histories

The Passenger


Penguin (Kourkov)

A People's History

Perplexing Philosophy Puzzles

Philip Marlowe

Pietro Brnwa

Pine Cove

Pippi Långstrump

Planet of the Apes

Politically Correct Stories

Poor Relations