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50 Reasons Tetralogy


The Administration

Adrien English Mysteries

Alexander Trilogy (Renault)

The Archer's Heart

Augusten Burroughs autobiographies

Ballena Beach

Ballot's Keep

Best Gay Love Stories

The Best Little Boy in the World

Blaine & Auden

Boston Boys Club

Bottled Up

The Boy I Love

A Boy's Own Story

The Boys in the Band


Brothers of the Dragon


Cadeleonian Series

Call Me By Your Name

Captain Harding

Catheral City Sequel

Cheek to Cheek

The Chicago Series on Sexuality, History, and Society

Chronicles of Magravandias

City on a Star

Coda Series

Common Powers

Common Threads in the Life

Contemporary World Issues

Cut & Run

Dance Sequence

Darshian Tales

Dave Brandstetter

David Rees Novels

Dino Martini Mysteries

Doctrine of Labyrinths

Donald Strachey Mystery


False Colors



Front Runner

The Gallup’s Modern Guide to Gay, Lesbian & Transgender Life

Gay Fairy & Folk Tales

Gay Youth Chronicles

Gay Youth Chronicles [chronological order]

Geoffry Chadwick

Gerald Samper

Ghost Wore Yellow Socks

Gilbert and Philip

Gray Zone

Harlan's Story

Have Body, Will Guard


Henry Rios Mystery

Henry Rios Revised Series

Her Majestys Men

Holmes and Moriarity


Jarrod Jarvis mysteries

Jeff and Lloyd Trilogy

Jesse Ashworth

Karadur Atani

King's Tale

Loon Trilogy

Lord John

Lost Boys and Love Letters

Love Means


Mahu Investigations


Margins Bookstore

Mark Sternum novels

Martin Benson

Mason Hamilton

Men on Men

Mike Seabrook Novels

Mordred Trilogy

My Queer Life


Neanderthal Parallax

Nick Hoffman Mysteries


Out of Bounds


Partners In Crime

Paul Turner Mysteries

Poughkeepsie Friends


Rainbow Trilogy

Russel Middlebrook Series

Savage Land

Scarlet & the White Wolf

Silent Empire

A Song of Ice and Fire

Southampton Stories

Stone Dance of the Chameleon

A Strong and Sudden Thaw

The Syndicate

Tales of the City

Theseus Myth

Tigers and Devils

Todd Mills mysteries

Tom and Scott mysteries

Tom Barber Trilogy


Valdemar : The Last Herald-Mage

Valdemar: Chronological Order

Valdemar: Publication Order

Vanity Fierce

Verona Gay Youth Chronicles

The Vintner's Luck

The Wicked Years

Winter Birds

Wraeththu Chronicles

Wraeththu Histories

Wraeththu Mythos

Zero at the Bone

Zero McNoo