What are you reading for November 2011?

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What are you reading for November 2011?

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nov 2, 2011, 12:09 pm

I just started reading Narcissus in Chains by Laurell K Hamilton, it's book 10 of her Anita Blake series. I love her books they have action, romance, and of course the paranormal. The leading lady is not the usual girl in trouble waiting for some guy, she has guns and uses them. To me its refreshing, although the plot is getting very tangled with characters.

I also want to read The Accidental Werewolf by Dakota Cassidy, any one read it?

dec 2, 2011, 3:37 pm

I read the accidental werewolf recently, er ok, maybe last year and though I finished it, it really did bug me. I did try to read the rest in the series but it was just too much, so they went to a new home.

I have read a few more LKH after Obsidian Butterfly but felt that's when it all went a bit pear shaped. I had followed the series for a while so really don't like where it has gone after OB, I think it's because it's just changed so much from what it started out with. But I like her Merry Gentry series as it's full of sex and sex and sex and a little bit of plot, but I started the series understanding that.

I've been proud to finish shadowfever by karen marie moning which was every bit as good as expected. Just been chatting with someone else as she's bringing a new trilogy out featuring none other than Dani O'Malley, which should hopefully tie up a few loose ends. Glad I held out for the PB in the end, the HB was just so much money £18 goes such a long way, when I am now a SAHM with a book addiction.

Had to take a break on Rachel Caine's Morganville Vampire series, Shane and Claire are just too much sickly sweet for me to handle at the moment and think taking a break is good.

I am reading Charmed Destinies by Mercedes Lackey et al and it's pretty soppy fantasy but just what I need to take a break from.

Listening to more Mercedes Lackey with the second in her collegium triology currently playing, I think it's titled Intrigues.

Volume of reading has dropped, last year was a good year, near 200 books, but then was mainly on bed rest with a seperated pelvis during late pregnancy. DD is always on the go, so books get left on the bedside table now. She also has a passion for tearing things, so my books are kept well out of her reach.

dec 18, 2011, 1:58 pm

Just finshed a clockwork angel coolen collier and reading stephen kings full dark no stars and colleen colliiers city of ashes and also just finished heather grahm haunted something can't emember at moment! Lol

dec 24, 2011, 3:24 pm

Finished Charmed Destinies which was as soppy romance as I'd expected and was quite light reading and was alright. Realised I had more Catherine Asaro on my shelves in the form of The Charmed Sphere which has so much of the story from Charmed Destinies in that I've been flicking through pages.

Finished Intrigues in audio and changes think i was pretty glad to have heard them in audio rather than written, as the main charachter has alot of colloquealisms that would drive me barmy. But in audio they get a thumbs up for YA Fantasy.

Fate's Edge by Ilona Andrews finally arrived and so I read it in a day as I was busting at the seems to read more of the Edger's. Loved it, though predictable it was still a great read.

I'm just reading randomly off my shelf at the moment, but feel a need to clear a lot more.