Reading books set in Colorado

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Reading books set in Colorado

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mar 4, 2012, 7:47pm

I've been going through old book notes, and noticed that I tend to grade books set (or partially set) in Colorado differently than others. Sometimes I'm just so thrilled to recognize places I've been when described on the page that I tend to overlook plot or characterization elements that would bug me, otherwise.

Has anyone else found themselves doing this?

mar 13, 2012, 11:37am

I can't say that I do this sort of thing for books set in Colorado, but I do do it for books set in my native state of Minnesota. I started reading the books of Louise Erdrich after reading one of her stories that appeared to be set in my home town of Moorhead, and treated of a rite of passage for teenagers there, which was to sneak into one of the local colleges' football stadiums, and sleep on the 50 yard line, something which I did as a kid. And many of the rest are set in the area where I grew up, as she grew up there too. And while her novels are not quite first rate, in my view, I am a big fan. And, I have also read most, if not all of Garrison Keillor's novels, which in general are not all that good, but of course are all set in Minnesota. I heard that he spent considerable time in Moorhead, and, indeed, his radio program, "A Prairie Home Companion", is named after the "Prairie Home Cemetary" which is a few blocks away from my boyhood home. Thus, I read his books.

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