Interviewer Needed: Jim Snowden (literary fiction)

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Interviewer Needed: Jim Snowden (literary fiction)

nov 1, 2012, 2:41 pm

Dismantle the Sun by Jim Snowden

Description: Set against a landscape of snow and spiritual exhaustion, Dismantle the Sun is the wrenching debut novel from Jim Snowden - a novel of love and loss, betrayal and second chances.

Hal and Jodie are dyed-in-the-wool academics, devoted inhabitants of a secluded world built for two. Since high school, Jodie has been the central figure in Hal's world; loving her and being her husband have defined him and given him his purpose. Diagnosed with cancer, Jodie struggles to help Hal learn to live without her, while through repeated remissions and relapses, Hal struggles to hold onto hope. Ultimately, the battle consumes the biggest part of Jodie's fearsome spirit; exhausted, Hal begins to feel as though the woman he adored is already lost to him.

As Hal prepares to say goodbye to his wife, a strikingly perceptive student, Ruth, joins his high school mathematics class. Incredibly, in her Hal discovers a kind of connection that he and Jodie have never shared, and a renewed sense of faith in the possibility of happiness. His feelings for Ruth belie her young age, as does her unusual maturity: Ruth has survived the cruelest treatment of all, and at the hands of a family member, whom she should have been able to trust with her life, let alone her body.

Clearly, building a new world with Ruth will not be without its share of obstacles and casualties - their love flies in the face of society's most deeply-rooted taboos, and happiness will require sacrifice, upheaval and pain. Hal is determined to have it, no matter the cost...but then Jodie's doctor delivers news that up-ends everything he thought his heart was sure of: the cancer has gone into remission.

"Jim Snowden is one of the smartest, most talented young writers working today. In Dismantle the Sun he does it all - strong characters, suspense, delicious irony - and with a singularly unique voice and vision."
- Charles Johnson, author of Middle Passage, winner of the National Book Award.

Genre: Literary Fiction

Format: Paperback copy

Country: USA

dec 1, 2012, 5:37 pm


I'm interested in hosting a chat about your book. Your work seems to touch on many important relationship aspects of our time: love (in all of its forms as we age) long-term relationships and honor...topics most important in today's society.

Would love to read your work and ask some important reflective questions on the bigger picture questions that drive your work.

Joy Glasser

Redigerat: jan 8, 2014, 1:59 am

I'm embarrassed about this, Joy, but I never saw this message. I must have received a notification, but you wrote me during the period that my Dad passed away, so your message was probably lost. If you're still on Librarything, do accept my apologies. And if you're still interested in hosting a chat, I'm there.