(M94'12) Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson

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(M94'12) Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson

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dec 21, 2012, 4:13 pm

This is one of my many, many honor books... I collect National Book Award books, Printtz Honor books, Edgar Award books... All kinds of them. This one was on a subject that was a little difficult for me, but reading it released some feelings that I'd been holding in for a long time. I'd recommend it for anyone going through a hard time with another person, doesn't have to be on the subject of physical or mental abuse.

My English teacher has no face. She has uncombed stringy hair that droops on her shoulders. The hair is black from her part to her ears and then neon orange to the frizzy ends. I can't decide if she had pissed off her hairdresser or is morphing into a monarch butterfly. p6
Lots of witty remarks in here, but it's all very true to the way you think at this age. Or it's true to the way I thought anyway...

The couch has two personalities: "Melinda inhaling pepperoni and mushroom" and "No one ever eats in the family room, no ma'am." p15
She then goes on to describe flipping the cushions over when she hears someone come in, so the clean side is facing up again. Cute scene.

Finally, our own Devils hulk into the gym. The same boys who got detention in elementary school for beating the crap out of people are now rewarded for it. They call it football. p28-29
Had a good laugh at this.

Plants make way more seeds than they need, because they know that life is not perfect and all the seeds won't make it. Kind of smart, when you think about it. People used to do that, too - have twelve or fifteen kids because they figured some would die, some would turn out rotten, and a couple would be hard-working, honest farmers. Who knew how to plant seeds. p126
Very, very well written. Easy to see why this book has honors attached to it.

I try to read while eating alone, but the noise gets between my eyes an dthe page and I can't see through it. p127
This is exactly how I feel when reading in noisy places. It is so very frustrating! I was amazed to see it written here exactly as I feel it.

I take two Tylenol and eat a bowl of pudding. Then I watch Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and fall asleep. A trip to the Neighborhood would be nice. Maybe I could stay with Daniel Striped Tiger in his tree house. p165
Another of "this is exactly how I feel". Who doesn't surround themselves with what feels comfortable when they're sick. I'll be honest, even as an adult, I will watch this program to make myself relax and feel better. Everyone should do it. It works.

jan 13, 2013, 10:59 am

This was another case of where I got so lost in the story that I didn't make many notes. I too liked the witty comments and cute scenes, it made dealing with the hard subject matter more accessible because you get involved with the character in a deeper way.

It's easy to see why this book is an award winner though, having read it, I'm very impressed with the style, the descriptions and characters, and the way the author handles the sensitive issue at the heart of the story.

jan 13, 2013, 11:28 am

My review for this book is here: http://www.librarything.com/review/93119509