Adventures with a witch & her familiar

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Adventures with a witch & her familiar

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jan 2, 2013, 5:47am


The plot is completely fuzzy to me.

I last read it in the early 2000's, I presume it was written between 1970-1990.

I believe the target audience was teenagers to young adults.

I can't remember anything about the cover, illustrations, or the author, however it was a paper back novel.

There is one specific part where they go up a tree in a picnic basket, or some other type of basket, to visit an ogre, or some other sort of mythical creature.

I wanted to leave this at the very bottom because they're just things that keep sticking in my head about the book, but I'am so uncertain that I do not wish to confuse anyone:

The witch might have been a curly haired red head.

Her familiar might have been a black cat.

(Sorry if I came off a little too much by the rules, felt a little impersonal, hello everyone :) )

Redigerat: jan 2, 2013, 1:42pm

This is 'Calling On Dragons' by Patricia Wrede. It's the third of her Enchanted Forest Chronicles.
The books in order are;
Enchanted Forest
1. Dragonsbane (1990)
aka Dealing with Dragons
2. Searching for Dragons (1991)
aka Dragon Search
3. Calling on Dragons (1993)
4. Talking to Dragons (1984)
The Enchanted Forest Chronicles (omnibus) (1995)

jan 9, 2013, 2:27pm

Awesome books! I have the omnibus and have had to replace it.