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Your latest review

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Redigerat: mar 3, 2013, 9:53pm

Here is a list of books that I read and reviewed in January:

- An Isolated Incident - A 'new-to-me' author whose name is definitely going on my Wish List:

- Mount Vernon Love Story: A Novel of George and Martha Washington - The debut novel of a great author:

- Downtown - This is the eighth book that I've read by Anne Rivers Siddons:

- Shock Talk: The Exorcist Files - Bob Larson is a new author for me:

- Rose - Martin Cruz Smith is a new author for me:

- Tell me Your Dreams - The fifth book by Sidney Sheldon that I've read:

- The Wicked Wives: A Novel Based on a True Story - Gus Pelagatti is a new author for me who sent me this book to review:

- A Ruling Passion - Even though I have several of Judith Michael's books on my bookshelf, this is the first one that I've read:

- Temporary Sanity - Rose Connors is another new author for me:

jan 14, 2013, 6:00am

Downtown is an old favorite. Sure, Smoky seems to be crying all the time, but I love it anyway.

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