Interviewer needed: Landon Andrews (science fiction)

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Interviewer needed: Landon Andrews (science fiction)

mar 18, 2013, 11:13 pm

The Sovereign by Landon Andrews


The best prisons built are the ones where the bars are invisible and the prisoners police themselves!
Landon D. Andrews

Lance is a dashing and wild international marijuana smuggler whose love for surfing huge waves epitomizes his character as a man who lives according to his own rules beyond the fringes of society. His world comes crashing down when he is woken one morning in his mountain enclave and find’s himself staring down the barrel of a gun. Agent’s sent by the FEDS come to kidnap him forcing him to court to stand trial against their presumptions and alleged crimes. Given a long sentence he is sent to prison to serve his time in America’s worst Federal lockups.
As Lance’s world is torn apart and he is thrust into the nightmare of jail, he meet’s another prisoner who teaches him the true implications of his physical bondage. Joseph reveals to Lance that the world beyond the fence line is as much of a prison as the one that cages him inside. He also shows him a secret that is coded in law that will not only allow him to walk out the gates as a free man, but will unlock a treasure trove of wealth beyond his wildest imaginations!
Not knowing of the beast he is toying with, he puts to use the tools he is armed with that might gain his freedom and access to incredible riches risking more than he ever could have foreseen. Alerting a “higher authority” to his activities sends a ripple effect to the top of the command chain where he is picked up on their radar to be dealt with in his attempts to write himself off of a global slave plantation.
His journey unfolds and the reader discovers that the trigger that Lance set’s off through his actions in prison, reveals a hierarchy ascending to the top of every power structure where a “higher authority” or intelligence govern’s the construct from above as cells would be overseen in a larger body.
Peeling back the veil the reader is now stunned to learn of a greater story surrounding Lance’s personal drama as his mirror image exist’s as a clone on the moon!
Sci has been manufactured by The Corporation to slave on the dark side of the moon in a top secret mining operation that is hidden from the cattle populace on Earth’s surface.
Much like Lance, Sci has been raised and programmed to toil for The Corporation but an untamable side to him makes him question what his authorities have told him about his incarnation and the state of planet Earth. In a synchronistic twist of tandem parallel realities in the drama that unfolds, Sci is shocked into an awakening of the truth of his bondage as Lance is simultaneously as well. As they are both unaware of each other’s existences their actions draw their time-lines together to intersect causing an effect that alert’s an even “higher authority” of their break throughs and discoveries which might change the fabric of reality as it is known.
The Council Of New Eden stands as the vanguard and opposition to a force that wishes to draw humanity into the folds of The Shadow and Luciferrian rebellion. The Council of New Eden communes with a “higher authority” to aid our heroes in overcoming the odds that are stacked against them.
Humanity stands on the brink of repeating the biblical fall in a war with self that will be determined in each individual and will seal the destiny for the Universe as it is experienced. New Eden’s enemy, revealed as The Shadow, is also alerted to what Sci and Lance may cause by their awakening and awareness of the false belief system they have been programmed with.
In a spell binding suspense filled tale that takes the reader on a journey that is mind blowing and quite possibly true, the characters portray the reality of a monumental shift that will come to pass for all of humanity as we all become equipped with the potential to see behind the curtain erected by the puppet masters who have weaved their illusion into the stitching of its veil.
“The Sovereign” is a story that may shake the foundations of our society in how we perceive our authorities and their governance over us all as we move into a new era and potential state of being.

Science Fiction/ Conspiracy

Ebook and copy print available