Interviewer Needed: S. A. Hunt (contemporary fantasy)

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Interviewer Needed: S. A. Hunt (contemporary fantasy)

apr 11, 2013, 7:18 pm

"The Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree" by S. A. Hunt

The protagonist returns from a deployment to Afghanistan, only to find that his wife has left him for someone else and his father has died. The MC travels to the funeral of his father, a semi-famous fantasy novelist, where he meets and befriends two of his father's fans. He finds a key in his father's belongings and enlists his new friends in a convoluted scavenger hunt that lands all three of them in the dangerous post-apocalyptic world of his father's novels.

Through a series of mishaps and triumphs, they discover that his father's muse -- an immortal creature called a "Silen" -- was fighting to protect existence itself from others of his own kind. The Sileni rebels are planning to use their powers of persuasion to wreak havoc on the universe in retaliation for being forced into a life of creative servitude.

The climactic battle happens in a dream-place and puts the reader into the shoes of a writer, anthropomorphizing self-doubt and using the narrative as a piece of the story itself as the MC literally writes and edits the supporting characters out of the prison the Sileni have put them in. The first book ends in a cliffhanger as the Sileni come at the protagonists with what nearly destroyed the characters in Dad's original series (which is alluded to throughout Whirlwind as snippets of Dad's series are peppered between Whirlwind's chapters).

I am in the process of writing the sequel, which focuses on the secondary character Noreen, and plan on it being a trilogy, which will focus on each of the three main characters. Book Two will leave the writer-metaphors behind and go for more of an action-oriented, spaghetti-western approach, but still retain much of the abstract flavor that made the original so compelling.

Genre: Fantasy

Preferably ebook. I have hard copies available on CreateSpace but I don't have the funds to send out copies.

Kentucky, USA