'A Literary Map of Colorado' now on sale!

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'A Literary Map of Colorado' now on sale!

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A Literary Map of Colorado is a project that I recently published. It provides the average reader with a manageable list of books on Colorado's cowboy culture, mining, mountains, national parks, Native American history, railroads, ranching, rivers, and tragedies of brave women and pathfinding men of the state of Colorado. It includes some classic and some quirky, some historical and some contemporary. This map is intended to be suggestive not comprehensive.

The complete map contains:
-quotes and summaries for each of the 50 selected titles
-list of mysteries set in Colorado
-state poet laureates
-state literary organizations

To buy it, go to:

Email me for more information: Amron{at}WildCloverBookServices.com

"If maps be the fuel of wanderlust, read on." Dava Sobel

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