Interviewer needed: Michael Allen (Contemporary Fiction)

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Interviewer needed: Michael Allen (Contemporary Fiction)

apr 27, 2013, 7:11 am

A River in the Ocean, Michael Allen

An accident causes the separation of a father from his daughter. When Chris finally comes out of his coma nine years later, he has no memory of her. As he begins his life over with no idea who he is or what he is about, he becomes haunted by visions of a little girl. Not able to shake them, he gives into his visions of her and begins to paint her at different stages throughout her life.

Meanwhile, Krista is growing up in a household that is far from normal. Believing Gilmer and Maggie to be her real parents, her life turns out drastically different from what it was. Gilmer is hard-headed and he doesn’t think things through. Maggie’s sense of humor keeps everyone on their toes. But one thing they have in common is their love for their little girl.

Chris doesn’t know that he is looking for someone. Krista doesn’t know that she needs to be found. Both are just making it through this world the best they can. Will they ever find each other? And if they do, will they even know?

Contemporary Fiction

It is in both formats, hard and ebook.

I live in the US.

Thank you,
Michael Allen