Interviewer Needed: Dianne Gallagher's Too Dark to Sleep

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Interviewer Needed: Dianne Gallagher's Too Dark to Sleep

Redigerat: maj 23, 2013, 9:35 am

Too Dark to Sleep by Dianne Gallagher

Just released from a lengthy stay at a psychiatric hospital, former detective Maggie Quinn is damaged... perhaps beyond repair. Once the best detective in Chicago, she is now haunted by dreams of a faceless man she could never catch. When the killer returns, Quinn agrees to serve as a consultant, but most cops in Area One tag her as a hazard. Except rookie detective Nick Dublowski who quickly realizes the only way the Chicago Police will catch this elusive killer is with the help of Maggie Quinn.

Back on the job, Quinn becomes as tenacious and sharp as ever. But as the investigation closes in on a suspect, the escalating murders hit dangerously close to home. Quinn's sanity again begins to fray and her judgment is questioned. Did the suspect really do it? Or is Maggie's tormented mind pushing her to ruin the life of an innocent man?

Genre: Crime Thriller
Both paperback and e-books available

Let me know if you're interested in giving the book a spin, then talking about it.

Thanks so much.