Interviewer needed: Walton Stowell (Fantasy Fiction - short storybook)

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Interviewer needed: Walton Stowell (Fantasy Fiction - short storybook)

jul 7, 2013, 12:10 pm

Falling Waters (Interactive Short-story Series)
File Size: 298 KB (Print Length: 21 pages (est))
Kindle 99 Cent
no physical copy, digital pdf

This is a multiple-choice adventure story. Read the introduction background first. Next keep reading until you come to a list of options. Choose which path you want, then turn to the selection as labeled or directed. Finally enjoy the adventure, and remember you can always go back and try again!

This adventure, Falling Waters, is set in a fantasy medieval city on a waterfall. Falling Waters is an industrious hydro and geothermal powered city, located on the cliffs of a waterfall. This waterfall city was founded hundreds of years ago by Elemental Wizards, to run mechanical mills for the former Empire. Now that the Empire has been broken into kingdoms, the city is in decline. Falling Waters has a shortage of skilled labor, and an immigrant population of various barbarian tribes and gypsy clans that have no interest in historic engineering functionality. The last wizard in the city was murdered by barbarians years ago.

City Elders have hired you to reclaim the city, by finding a way into the secret Elemental Temple built by the Wizards to preserve their Wisdom. Once inside the Temple of Elemental Wisdom, you must find a sacred relic called the 'Autonomous Mechanism'. Legend has it this machine will unleash elemental spirits to restore order to Falling Waters during times of crisis. Can you find the entry to their lost underground Temple of Elemental Wisdom, and save the city?

I hope you read it, enjoy it, and leave a nice advertising commentary review. Thank you.