Cyberpunk - Kevin Mitnick

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Cyberpunk - Kevin Mitnick

aug 13, 2013, 12:32 am


I read your book Cyperpunk and thought it was very informative.

You briefly mentioned Kevin Mitnick's hearing with the community college district at Pierce College. It interested me a great deal because I sat on that panel back in 1988. I was the student member of the tribunal. We banned Kevin from California Junior Colleges for life! I don't know if he ever appealed it.

As for his legal acumen, I wouldn't credit it too much. The length of the proceedings was primarily because the panel wanted to give him every opportunity to pursuade us that the very serious accusations were false. The evidence presented to us was very convincing.

He chose to say virtually nothing and left it all to his "advisor". I can assure you that there were not a lot of great legal thoughts expressed during those weeks. Since this was after school we only gave it a couple of hours per day. Hence, the length.

For my participation I was rewarded with a fradulent entry on my credit record from an alleged rent judgment in Santa Cruz County, a county in which I had never lived. However, it was a county in which Kevin had lived. It was bogus down to the court docket number but try convincing a collection agency of that. The cheeky part was that it said my real name was an alias. It wasn't funny at the time. Now it kind of is.