Interviewer needed: Britt Talley Daniel MD mainstream fiction

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Interviewer needed: Britt Talley Daniel MD mainstream fiction

aug 25, 2013, 6:46 pm

The book is: Titanic: Answer From The Deep, by Britt Talley Daniel MD

Synopsis: A new transgenerational family saga, Titanic: Answer From The Deep, tells the story of a socially prominent, yet emotionally crippled medical family and their struggle to find fulfillment. Filled with characters from upper and lower society, reminiscent of the TV series, Downton Abbey, or UpStairs, Downstairs, the novel sweeps the reader across the Atlantic from England to America on the doomed Titanic. After the shipwreck, the beautiful Anne Elizabeth Taylor-Downs moves to Rochester, Minnesota to raise her family. Later her son, Robert, finds himself in a doomed marriage. While serving in the Navy in the Pacific, he meets and falls in love with Maidie, a nurse who loves him, but spurns him because he is married. The years pass and they both grow old. Can Robert still the echoes of generations from his family that had crippled him before? To find out read Titanic: Answer From The Deep.

This is a mainstream book of fiction dealing with issues of medical practice and life fulfillment.

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