Interviewer requested: Birgitte Rasine (literary fiction/inspirational)

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Interviewer requested: Birgitte Rasine (literary fiction/inspirational)

aug 30, 2013, 11:45 pm

Book Title: The Seventh Crane by Birgitte Rasine
Would you do things differently if you could see your life from 36,000 feet?

"When you meet human beings with honor and dignity in their hearts, protect them, for they will respect you," the Fifth Crane always told the hatchlings.

"The Seventh Crane" is the story of a young woman who grows up alongside six whooping cranes, the legendary but endangered migratory birds. As fascinated with her as she is with them, the cranes accept her into their flock, imparting to her a broader, deeper worldview that her human family can never provide.

But it's not until she realizes professional and personal fulfillment that she learns the secret of the missing seventh crane.

Reminiscent of Richard Bach's much-loved "Jonathan Livingston Seagull," "The Seventh Crane" is an enchanting but unsweetened allegory about the human experience and the importance of appreciating the totality of your life regardless of your age.

More information:

Genre: Literary Fiction/short story
Format: eBook only
Author is based in the United States