Interviewer needed- Lori Foroozandeh-non-fiction

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Interviewer needed- Lori Foroozandeh-non-fiction

sep 28, 2013, 7:08 pm

"Lori's Song" by Lori Foroozandeh

Lori Foroozandeh grew up as a much-abused child, sexually and mentally. She began to wonder what was normal in life and if the "games" her family played with her were good or bad for her. As it always turned out, they were extremely bad for Lori. Her "tickling" episodes that her "BROTHER" played, turned into so much more than tickling. The only reason I emphasize the abuse is so you can realize what much of the rest of her life became because of abuse. She got to the point where sexual and physical abuse was something she grew to accept as being normal.

Lori originally married at age fifteen to a much older man when she felt she had to emancipate herself, to escape the home where her "BROTHER" lived. That marriage didn't last very long since her husband slept with Lori's sister. At seventeen she joined the army and fell in love with her recruiter and got pregnant at once. They got married after he had gone AWOL and was given a dishonorable discharge. Lori did go to army training and was selected in a group to see how women reacted in combat. Lori went AWOL after finding out her husband had cheated on her with her sister(AGAIN) and finally decided the army was not for her future. Several years later she was caught and was separated from the army. She then didn't care about life much due to being hurt so many times by those close to her. She started abusing drugs and became quite wild and got in trouble with the law.

At twenty-seven, Lori met her next husband, Mohammad Foroozandeh. He talked her into, or in reality, forced her to go to Iran where he said things were more modern in IRAN for women than they used to be,and her wild record in the United States wouldn't be known. Upon arrival in Iran, Lori was forced into wearing the Muslim clothing. Lori became a teacher of English; until a student was drowned in her father's swimming pool for not being a virgin on her wedding night.
She hated living in Iran, due to Mohammad's frequent beatings to prove to his family that he had "CONTROL" over his wife!
Mohammad's behavior over the years indicated terrorist behavior. Lori heard rumors from Mohammad's circle that something was going to happen on 9/11: (correlates w/our distress signal). She didn't know what or where and tried calling home on the 9th, 10th and 11th to warn her family, but the operator said no International calls being placed at that time! On the 12th Mohammad told her they needed to leave Iran in case America retaliated against the Middle East for 9/11. They showed their passports at the bus station, and five minutes later these armed guards grabbed Lori and Mohammad ant took them separate ways, Lori never seen Mohammad again. Lori was taken to a POW type camp in the hills.
From here on things went downhill fast for Lori. She was chained 24/7 to another girl. They received little food most of which they scrounged from what the guards of the camp threw on the ground or got water from mud puddles. They ate insects, rats, or whatever they could catch, mostly raw. Was it Mohammad's drug dealing that caused her to be in such a place? She didn't know.

This went on for 6 weeks and the guards moved her from one camp to another. They were yanked from their sleep to be taken to another area of the camp, and were tortured and repeatedly raped. The soldiers would take their turns with each woman doing what he wished to them. The women got to the point of just staring in space as this was going on but there was no way for any human to get used to such a disgrace. Some of the things that occurred to them while in the camps are so gruesome that you will cringe as you read and wonder how they stayed alive. The truth is that many did not survive it.

You will wonder how any human could do such things to other humans. Some sadistic things would not be carried out on animals much less humans. I will stop here so as not to spoil any of the final parts of the book.

available in paperback and ebook
I live in Michigan, USA