Interviewer needed: Nowick Gray (Paranormal Adventure)

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Interviewer needed: Nowick Gray (Paranormal Adventure)

okt 26, 2013, 10:17 pm

Rendezvous, by Nowick Gray

This off-the-grid adventure novella will appeal to nature lovers, fans of innovative fiction, and anyone fascinated with the suspense of life-and-death choices, the disorientation of clashing realties. (Think Groundhog Day, in the heart of the Canadian wilderness).

Rendezvous is a taut yet poetic wilderness adventure tale, of a young family’s romantic quest to meet in a remote mountain pass. An overnight storm at the cabin raises a haunting of possibilities for disaster in the next day’s descent. Follow Will as he battles the elements and faces challenges of choice, regret, and faith, to navigate the way to survival.

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