Action/Adventure A boy named "Day"

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Action/Adventure A boy named "Day"

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nov 10, 2013, 8:49pm

Hey there, trying to remember a book I read a few years back around 2008-2011 about a boy named Day. He lived in a place where it's heavily controlled by the authorities/government and everyone was required to take an IQ test(or some sort of test) when they reached a specific age. He managed to past the test with flying colours but the authorities failed him in order to do experiments on him. Thus, no one knew he scored 100% on the paper except for the authorities, not even Day himself. He didn't make it through during one of the experiments, and was pronounced dead but later woke up in the morgue and managed to escape, hiding ever since.

Years later, another girl scored a hundred percent on the test as well but she wasn't touched because her brother worked for the military. Later he was killed by his colleague and Day was framed for murdering him, so she sought Day out in order to seek revenge. It wasn't until later that she found out who the real murderer was and betrayed the authorities.

I also remember a part where she put her hand on the computer screen and it scanned her. Then a letter from her brother popped out on the screen, telling her he was suspicious of her colleague and also told her to destroy the letter after reading. There was also a part before this where she was reading her brother's diary and noticed he had a series of misspelled words which was unlike him so she looked for all those words and came up with a password or a clue which led her to the computer screen.

This is basically most of what I can remember. Tried a few search engines but I couldn't find it. Please do tell if you have any idea on who the author is and what the title may be. Many thanks!

Redigerat: nov 10, 2013, 9:31pm

Sounds like Legend by Marie Lu
It was followed by Prodigy and the just released Champion.

nov 11, 2013, 2:23am

Yes, that's the one! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!