Middlemarch (SPOILER FREE)

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Middlemarch (SPOILER FREE)

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jul 23, 2007, 10:44am

Det här meddelandet har tagits bort av dess författare.

jul 28, 2007, 11:35am

A couple of bibs & bobs of wondrous prose from the late Mary Ann Evans:

Notions and scruples were like spilt needles, making one afraid of treading, or sitting down, or even eating.

Who can tell what just criticisms Murr the Cat may be passing on us beings of wider speculation?

And certainly, the mistakes that we male and female mortals make when we have our own way might fairly raise some wonder that we are so fond of it.

Among all forms of mistake, prophecy is the most gratuitous.

Solomon's Proverbs, I think, have omitted to say, that as the sore palate findeth grit, so an uneasy consciousness heareth innuendoes.

Redigerat: mar 1, 2015, 12:56pm

Well, I just finished Tipperary yesterday, so I'm back into Middlemarch. I am really enjoying it, but it is soooo long.

aug 6, 2007, 7:23pm

I hear you...every time I go to read it, I get through half a page and then I'm like "oh no, I'll never finish" and give up again. Of course, this problem makes no sense since I decided to read the equally long Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell instead. Something about it makes it read just a tad faster, for some reason.

aug 7, 2007, 12:36am

I keep thinking I'll start something else and then I think, ok, one more chapter and then it grabs me again. For a 800 page book, there's very little filler. It's certainly better paced than the last 4 Harry Potter books.

Jonathan Strange is such a great book. Hope you're enjoying it, collsers.

aug 7, 2007, 7:34am

Middlemarch is slow going, but I think it's worth the time investment. I found that once I let go of concerns about the length and the slowness of the read, it realy flowed for me.

aug 8, 2007, 11:17am

I'm not put off by the length, but I can't seem to find a spare moment outside of work and wedding planning to read. It's so frustrating! I have made it to Book 2 at least. Trying to catch up...

aug 8, 2007, 4:26pm

Just a bookkeeping note--I'll be away on vacation 8/11-8/25, so I don't expect to be joining in on much book conversation then (although I will have Internet access the second week).

aug 10, 2007, 11:52pm

Finished it. It's as awesome as I remember. I'll be around if anyone wants to discuss.

aug 13, 2007, 3:26pm

I just hit book and I have to take a break to read The Glass Castle for one of my real-life clubs. Curses! I'm just loving Middlemarch so much, and I'm wondering why I didn't like The Mill on the Floss nearly as much!

aug 13, 2007, 5:22pm

As much as I love Middlemarch, I've never read any of her other books! My mother always bitched about having to read Silas Marner, and now I hear clam doesn't like Mill on the Floss. Are there any other Eliot books that people do recommend?

aug 13, 2007, 5:25pm

#11 Well, 'didn't like nearly as much' is what I was trying to say. I'd still recommend it.

aug 13, 2007, 5:36pm

I am slowly slogging through it on my lunch hours (online). Very slow going that way.