American Gods - Neil Gaiman

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American Gods - Neil Gaiman

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apr 25, 2014, 3:27 pm

I personally loved this book, the Norse god references, one I was curious about in the beginning of the book turned out to be the case as we went further through the book.

On Pages 140 & 141 there was a very amusing conversation with a raven... which yes - included Shadow asking the raven to say 'Nevermore' I won't spoil you by telling what the raven did say, but it wasn't 'Nevermore.'

The room was freezing. It smelled of people who had gone away to live other lives, and of all they had eaten and dreamed P 226 We loved the image and inherent poetry in this line of the text.

It was a trick he had found in Perplexing Parlour Illustrations, but the instructions were infuriating, unhelpful, and vague. Phrases like, "then vanish the penny in the usual way" occurred every sentence or so. In this context, Shadow wondered, what was "the usual way"? A French drop? Sleeving it? Shouting "Oh My god, look out - a mountain lion!" and dropping the coin into his side pocket while the audience's attention was diverted? P266 This was a laugh out loud line to me. I loved it.

"It's a holdy place," said Wednesday. "That's the American Way - they need to give people an excuse to come and worship. These days people can't just go and see a mountain. Thus Mister Gutzon Borglum's tremendous presidential faces. Once they were carved, permission was granted, and now the people drive out in their multitudes to see something in the flesh that they've already seen on a thousand postcards." P299 So ironic but oh so true.

"It's an ancient African herbal remedy," he said. "It's made of ground willow bark, things like that."
"Like aspirin?
"Yup," said Mr. Nancy. "Just like that." From the bottom of the trunk he produced a giant economy-sized bottle of generic aspirin. He unscrewed the top and shook out a couple of white pills. "Here."
P489 One of the things I very much liked about this book was that it was not afraid to make fun of itself and the subject matter. Just like this part where Shadow has a bad headache and he's expecting a nice mystical cure - dealing with gods and all.

Redigerat: maj 4, 2014, 11:47 am

I think one of the best bits was the whole Nevermore scene... Priceless.