Top Naval Books for 2014

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Top Naval Books for 2014

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Here is my list of top navy books for 2014.

1. Neptune: The Allied Invasion of Europe and the D-Day Landings by Craig Symonds

This book is the first recent comprehensive account of naval operations for the Normandy invasion. It is an important scholarly contribution and a great read. This book will appeal to all readers of World War II history.

2. Rising Sun, Falling Skies: The Disastrous Java Sea Campaign of World War II by Jeffrey Cox

This book is the best single volume book on the Java Sea Campaign.

3. Billy Mitchell's War with the Navy: The Interwar Rivalry Over Air Power by Thomas Wildenberg

This is another of Thomas Wildenberg’s books on naval aviation in the 1920s-early 1940’s. The author acknowledges that General Billy Mitchell was correct in his view that capital ships were vulnerable to airpower, but he correctly criticizes U.S. Army Air Force tactical doctrine of the same time period that favored high altitude bombing of ships.

4. British Aircraft Carriers: Design, Development and Service Histories by David Hobbs

This book is an excellent illustrated treatise on British aircraft carriers of World War II.

5. Pacific Payback: The Carrier Aviators Who Avenged Pearl Harbor at the Battle of Midway by Stephen Moore

This book is a very well-written and detailed account of U.S.S. Enterprise's dive-bombers, and their decisive role at the Battle of Midway.

An excellent related book is Destined for Glory: Dive Bombing, Midway, and the Evolution of Carrier Airpower by Thomas Wildenberg.

6. At the Crossroads Between Peace and War: The London Naval Conference of 1930 by John Maurer

This is an interesting book on the impact of The London Naval Conference on the construction of many of the ships that were subsequently deployed in World War II.

7. Naval Anti-Aircraft Guns and Gunnery by Norman Friedman

This book is another of Norman Friedman’s outstanding technical books on various ship components.

8. The Imperial Japanese Navy in the Pacific War by Mark Stille

This book is a compilation of Mark Stille’s softcover books by Osprey Publishing on the various ship classes of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

9. Warship 2014 by John Jordan

This annual publication contains stories on the escape of the Jean Bart from Saint-Nazaire and the building of the Imperial Japanese Navy light carrier Ryûjô.

The following books (#10-#12) are not navy treatments per se, but each title contains significant materials on sea operations, particularly the Battle of the Atlantic.

10. No End Save Victory: How FDR Led the Nation into War by David Kaiser

David Kaiser's book is a combination of excellent research and prose regarding Franklin Roosevelt's decisive impact on United States foreign affairs before the nation's entry into World War II.

11. The Mantle of Command: FDR at War, 1941-1942 by Nigel Hamilton

Nigel Hamilton's book covers the time period from August of 1941 (Atlantic Conference) to November of 1942 (Operation Torch).

12. The Churchill Documents: Testing Times, 1942 by Martin Gilbert (editor)

This volume is an annotated compilation of Winston Churchill's important documents from 1942

Did I miss any excellent naval titles?