Innovative new contest for "The Frozen Thames'

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Innovative new contest for "The Frozen Thames'

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okt 12, 2007, 11:42 am

I got this in my email and just had to share!!

Canadian publisher McClelland & Stewart launch innovative online contest using geocaching to attract new book readers

TORONTO, Oct. 9 --- On October 3rd McClelland & Stewart launched an innovative online promotional contest using geocaching for fall title The Frozen Thames by Helen Humphreys.

The notion of leaving caches of clues in a geographic space isn't new. It's as old as treasures and treasure maps and as fresh as geocaching, a modern hobby that involves using popular GPS devices to locate hidden trinkets stashed in woods and streams all over the world. It is new to the publishing world and M&S is blazing a trail that will take readers into the online world.

“We knew that if this unique book was going to catch the attention of the young web reader, then we would need something more innovative and exciting than we ever considered or even imagined before. Something as daring and as original as the book itself,” said Susan Renouf, VP, Associate Publisher, Non-fiction and Chief Operating Officer at M&S.

The result is Quest for the Ice Fox, a contest that uses Facebook and Google MyMaps in a fully virtual geo-caching game that draws players into the great city of London, where the The Frozen Thames stories unfold.

The Frozen Thames is a series of stories about life in historical London and the river Thames that ebbs, flows and freezes throughout its history. The Quest for the Ice Fox contest intends to pull readers virtually down to the river and into that tarnished, talented knot of humanity.

The natural vehicle for that journey was Google MyMaps. This amazing tool allows you to not only explore streets, buildings and geographical features the world over, but also to annotate them. You can, in effect, leave behind info breadcrumbs for others to discover. You can pin notes to the geographic fabric of a virtual world, which is how all the clues in the Ice Fox Quest are delivered. You will need access to Google MyMaps to make the journey and solve its riddles.

The clues for The Quest for the Ice Fox contest will be delivered in the Ice Fox group in The first clue will be released on Monday, October 15 with a total of eight clues over an 8-week period. Each week at approximately 5:00 am EST on Mondays, registrants will receive a clue that they need to discover the ultimate resisting place of the ice fox. Players tackle each of the clues as they're revealed in a special Google Map, discover the final destination of the ice fox to keep it safe from its pursuers, and then enter our contest. If you are the first to enter with the correct location of the fox, you could win a $2,000 travel voucher.

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