Definitive Editions of Non-Nonesuch Works?

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Definitive Editions of Non-Nonesuch Works?

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apr 16, 2016, 3:12pm

I'm looking to gradually assemble a Dickens collection, and (for me) the best editions of many of his works are ones similar to/based on the Nonesuch ones, given their inclusion of the authentic and definitive text, as well as the original illustrations. The actual 1937 Nonesuch Press editions are out of my range, but I'm looking at the Overlook/Duckworth editions as well as the Folio Society editions.

This leaves gaps, however - some of his works (The Mudfog Papers, Christmas Stories (not to be confused with Christmas Books, of course), Pictures From Italy, American Notes, The Life Of Our Lord among them) weren't given the "definitive" treatment by Nonesuch and those that followed in their steps. I am interested in finding editions of these that contain the final approved text and original illustrations (if there were any).

Can anyone recommend the best editions of these works to seek out, given my criteria? I expect it may be a piecemeal search; that is fine with me.

I am aware of the Oxford Illustrated Dickens, which does have some of these, but I'm not sure that they contain the original text and illustrations and (bias alert) these books are much smaller than I'd like (7.5" x 5").

Also, where short stories are concerned, I don't know if collections are standardized as to contents, but I'd like collections as inclusive as possible (nothing missing, if that is an issue).

Any help appreciated.