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mramos LoC Classification Challenge

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okt 17, 2007, 5:11pm

I do not know what I did. But I had just spent five hours fill out my list per LC Classification...then I hit some key and it deleted it all. So to not make that mistake again... Just do not know what key I hit on my keyboard to delete the entire web page.... hope I do not do it again.

okt 17, 2007, 5:13pm

Oh no! I'm always paranoid about that. I'm so sorry.

okt 17, 2007, 5:15pm

That's happened to me on occasion. It's awful. :(

When I made my Dewey and LoC lists, I did the work on Google using their Documents web application. It periodically saves what you're working on so there's less chance of total loss.

okt 17, 2007, 5:38pm

Thanks for the sympathy and encouragement...I'll just go slowly. I'l ldo the A's and the one from section D I remember and add more later.

Redigerat: apr 23, 2008, 3:16pm

AC Collections. Series. Collected works: Confessions of Saint Augustine
AE Encyclopedias: The Didascalicon of Hugh of St. Victor
AG Dictionaries and other general reference works: Guinness Book of World Records
AI Indexes: The Student’s Guide
AM Museums; Collectors and collecting: Official Guide to the Smithsonian
AN Newspapers: This classification schedule has not been developed
AP Periodicals: Great Decisions
AS Academies and learned societies: Soviet Military Capabilities and Intentions in Europe
AY Yearbooks. Almanacs. Directories: The Old Farmer's Almanac
AZ History of scholarship and learning: Evaluation Thesaurus

B Philosophy (General): Irrational Man : A Study in Existential Philosophy
BC Logic: Introduction to Logic
BD Speculative philosophy: An Introduction Philosophy
BF Psychology: The Power of Concentration
BH Aesthetics: Brine Freezing of Fish
BJ Ethics: Freedom of Obedience
BL Religions. Mythology. Rationalism: American Gospel: God, the Founding Fathers, and the Making of a Nation
BM Judaism: Mystery of the Dead Sea Scrolls Revealed
BP Islam. Bahá'ísm. Theosophy: Is Islam a Religion of War or Peace?
BQ Buddhism: The Three Pillars of Zen
BR Christianity: The Wisdom of the Desert
BS The Bible: The Critical Meaning of the Bible
BT Doctrinal Theology: The Gnostic Gospels
BV Practical Theology: Christian Counselor's Library
BX Christian Denominations: Trojan Horse in the City of God : The Catholic Crisis Explained

C Auxialiary Science of History: Concise Atlas of World History
CB History of Civilization: History of Western Civilization
CC Archaeology: Aspects of Antiquity: Discoveries and Controversies
CD Diplomatics, Archives, Seals: Researches in early Catholic Americana
CE Technical Chronology. Calendar: Biblical Calendars
CJ Numismatics: The Complete Book of Coin Collecting
CN Inscriptions: Religious studies and theology
CR Heraldry: The Art of Heraldry : An Encyclopaedia of Armory
CS Genealogy: Our Family : A Historical Journal
CT Biography: Saint Bruno: The Carthusian

D History General:The Age of Revolution: Europe 1789-1848
DA History of Great Britain - History of Ireland - History of the British Isles: Prehistoric Britain and Ireland
DAW History of Central Europe: The German campaign in Poland (1939)
DB History of Austria: Frommer’s Austria
DC History of France - Andorra - Monaco: Nicolas Cotheret's Annals of Citeaux
DD History of Germany: Inside the Third Reich
DE History of the Greco-Roman World: The World of the New Testament
DF History of Greece: Alexander the Great : The Hunt for a New Past
DG History of Italy - Malta: The 'Silent' Summer of 1944
DH History of Low Countries - Benelux Countries: Battle of the Bulge
DJ History of the Netherlands (Holland): Operation Market Garden
DJK History of Eastern Europe (General): The Russian Army of the Napolonic War
DK History of Russia; Soviet Union; Former Soviet Republics: Stalingrad The Fateful Siege, 1942-1943
DL History of Northern Europe; Scandinavia: The Vikings
DP History of Spain - Portugal: The Rise and Fall of Paradise
DQ History of Switzerland: The mountains and lakes of Switzerland; with descriptive sketches of other parts of the continent
DR History of the Balkan Peninsula Alexander the Great
DS History of Asia:The Blood of Abraham: Insights into the Middle East
DT History of Africa: Skeletons on the Zahara: A True Story of Survival
DU History of Oceania (South Seas): Battle of the Coral Sea
DX History of Gypsies: Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka : The Operation Reinhard Death Camps

E History of America: The Politics of Terror : The U.S. Response to 9/11

F Local history of the United States and British, Dutch, French, and Latin America: Washington's Secret War: The Hidden History of Valley Forge

G Geography (General); Atlases; Maps: Concise Atlas of World History
GA Mathematical geography; Cartography: Atlas of the World
GB Physical geography: Physical Geography Maps Normandy
GC Oceanography: New World of Oceanography
GE Environmental Sciences: Earth Science
GF Human ecology; Anthropogeography: An Inconvenient Truth : The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It
GN Anthropology: Ascent to Civilization : The Archaeology of Early Man
GR Folklore: Giants
GT Manners and customs (General): The Roman Ritual
GV Recreation; Leisure: Sword and Brush

H Social sciences: Social Science
HA Statistics: A Handbook of Statistics Solutions for the Behavioral Sciences
HB Economic theory; Demography: Macro Economics
HC Economic history and conditions: Business Statistics
HD Industries; Land use; Labor: Industrial Organization: Theory and Practice
HE Transportation and communications: Al-Jazeera : The Inside Story of the Arab News Channel that is Challenging the West
HF Commerce: Financial Accounting
HG Finance: Financial Management
HJ Public finance: Public Finance
HM Sociology: Social Darwinism in American Thought
HN Social history and conditions; Social Problems; Social reform: Culture Warrior
HQ The family; Marriage; Woman; Sexuality: The Roman Ritual: Rite of Marriage
HS Societies: Boy Scout Handbook
HT Communities; Classes; Races: The Art of Community
HV Social pathology; Social and public welfare; Criminology: Are you out there, God?
HX Socialism; Communism; Anarchism: Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei

J General legislative and executive papers: Declaration of Rights
JA Political Science, General: Don't Think of an Elephant: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate--The Essential Guide for Progressives
JC Political theory: Godless : The Church of Liberalism
JF Political institutions and public administration - General: Power Plays : Win or Lose-- How History’s Great Political Leaders Play the Game
JJ Political institutions, North America: North American Politics : Canada, USA, and Mexico in a Comparative Perspective
JK Political institutions and public administration - United States: Blue Smoke and Mirrors : How Reagan Won and Why Carter Lost the Election of 1980
JZ International relations: Daydream Believers

K Law in general: Business Law
KB Religious law in general. Comparative religious law: A Practical Commentary On The Code of Canon Law
KBU Law of the Roman Catholic Church. The Holy See: 1917 Pio-Benedictine Code of Canon Law
KF United States: Scalia Dissents : Writings of the Supreme Court’s Wittiest, Most Outspoken Justice
KM Asia (general & comparative): Customary and Shari’ah Law in Arabian Society

LB Theory of education: Cultural Literacy : What Every American Needs to Know
LC Special aspects of education: Does God Belong in Public Schools?
LF Individual institutions, Europe: Charter-House, Its Foundation and History

M Music: Kyriale Ordinaire de la Messe
ML Literature on music: Ecclesiastical Ministry
MT Musical Instruction and study: How to Play a Bamboo Flute

N Visual Arts: Renaissance Art
NA Architecture: Architectural Drafting
NB Sculpture: I marmi antichi conservati nella Villa Corsini a Castello
NC Drawing; Design: Illustration: The Art of Walt Disney
ND Painitng: La pittura dei Romani
NE Print media: Early Italian Masters
NK Decrative arts: Creative Art Crafts
NX Arts in general: The Humanities through the Arts

P Philology; Linguistics: 100 people who are screwing up America-- and Al Franken is #37
PA Greek language and literature; Latin language and literature:Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin
PB Modern languages, Celtic languages: The Mabinogion
PC Romantic languages: Berlitz Spanish for Travellers
PE English language: Handbook of Current English
PF West Germanic languages: Learning in a Second Language : A Study in Curacaon Primary Schools
PG Slavic languages; Baltic languages; Albanian language: Crime and Punishment
PJ Oriental philology and literature: Tales from the Arabian Nights
PN Literature (General):Cyclopedia of Moral and Religious Anecdotes
PQ Spanish literature: Don Quijote de la Mancha
PR English literature: The Canterbury Tales
PS American literature: An American requiem : God, My Father, and the War That Came Between Us
PT German literature: Faust
PZ Fiction and juvenile belles lettres:The Day Christ Died

QA Mathematics: Computer Dictionary
QB Astronomy: Our Solar System
QC Physics: University Physics
QD Chemistry: Introduction to Chemistry
QE Geology: Minerals & Gemstones of the World
QH Natural history, Biology: The Great Barrier Reef
QK Botany: The Trees in my Forest
QL Zoology: Natural History of Marine Animals
QM Human anatomy:Gray's Anatomy
QP Physiology: Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible
QR Microbiology: The World of Microbes

R Medicine (General): Behavorial Science
RB Pathology: Basic Pathology
RC Internal medicine: Family Medical & Prescription Drug Guide
RM Therapeutics. Pharmacology: Way of Herbs
RX Homeopathy: Vitalism : The History of Herbalism, Homeopathy, and Flower Essences
RZ Other systems of medicine: The Extra Meridians, Points, And More

S Agriculture (General): National 4-H News
SB Plant culture: The Home Gardener's Source
SD Forestry: U.S. Forest Facts and Historical Trends
SF Animal culture:Every Living Thing
SH Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling: Find Fish Anywhere, Anytime
SK Hunting sports: High Country Hunting

T Technology (General): Engineering Economics
TA Engineering (General): Civil Engineering: Statics and Dynamics
TC Hydraulic engineering: Ocean Engineering: Central and Southern Florida Flood Control Project
TD Environmental technology. Sanitary engineering: Water & Wastewater Examination Manual
TE Highway engineering. Roads and pavements: Aspects of Traffic Control Devices
TF Railroad engineering and operation: All Aboard!
TG Bridge engineering: The Wworld’s Great Bridges
TH Building construction: Fire Protection Handbook
TK Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering: Electronics
TL Motor vehicles. Aeronautics. Astronautics: Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage of Apollo 13
TN Mining engineering. Metallurgy: Waste, The Threat to Our Natural Resources
TP Chemical technology: The Wine Collector’s Handbook : Storing and Enjoying Wine at Home
TR Photography: Into your Darkroom Step-by-Step
TS Manufactures: Handbook of Loss Prevention
TT Handicrafts. Arts and crafts: The Encyclopedia of Military Modeling
TX Home economics: The Thanksgiving Cookbook

U Military Science (General): The Art of War
UA Armies: Organization, distribution, military situation: Patton's Third Army
UB Military administration: Careers in the Army
UC Maintenance and transportation: Napoleon’s Army : 1807-1814, as Depicted in the Prints of Aaron Martinet
UD Infantry: Infantry
UE Cavalry. Armor: Armor in Detail
UF Artillery: German Artillery of World War Two
UG Military engineering: The R. O. T. C. Manual. Engineers : Basic
UH Other services: Modern Armaments

V Naval science (General): Flush decks and four pipes
VA Navies: Organization, distribution, naval situation: Taschenbuch der Kriegsflotten. 19. Jahrgang 1918
VC Naval maintenance: Proceedings of the United States Naval Institute
VD Naval seaman: Description and Rules for the Management of the Remington Navy Rifle, model 1870. Springfield, 1871
VE Marines: Marine Corps League
VF Naval ordnance: Guns at Sea
VG Minor services of navies: The History of the Chaplain Corps, United States Navy
VK Navigation. Merchant marine: Navigation
VM Naval architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine engineering: Raising Wrecks and Sunken Vessels

Z Books (General): The Smithsonian Book of Books
ZA Information resources (General): Researching Online

Redigerat: okt 26, 2007, 10:46pm

As categories are completed they will be listed in Bold. I really do not see how I will complete some of them... Do I really want to read those books? LoL

I can see having to force myself in order to complete two or three of the categories.

okt 29, 2007, 3:40pm

I know exactly what you mean! Ironically, many of the catagories I know I'll have to force myself to finish are ones that you have done (U and V, namely).

okt 29, 2007, 3:44pm

Kaeli, I was thinking the same thing when I first read this thread! U and V seem like the most difficult by far.

Redigerat: okt 29, 2007, 8:58pm

Ditto on the U and V difficulty! I don't even have any options for those. John McPhee, who writes very well about many esoteric topics can cover a few of these. I actually went through his works to see what tough categories he covers; UA La Place de la Concorde Suisse, in English despite the title, about the Swiss Army (of little-red-knife fame), UF The Curve of Binding Energy, though that seems to be more a biography than anything else -- biographies are always options for some of the toughies, and VM The Survival of the Bark Canoe, which has no reviews on LT but I would guess is about what the title suggests, are relevant here.

I'm not much looking forward to R, either.

okt 29, 2007, 8:35pm

I had forgotten about La Place de la Concorde Suisse until I read your post. I read it several years ago and thought it was great, and I'm not into military books at all.

okt 30, 2007, 9:40am

R is just tough because of how they break everything down-Internat Medicine, General Medicine and Pediatrics were a snap. But finding Opthamology, Otology, Dentistry and anything on botanical medicine (What in the heck is Thomasinian medine?) is proving to be a nightmare.

okt 30, 2007, 1:05pm

An interesting U book is The Hundredth Monkey by Ken Keyes Jr. about the nuclear threat, written around 1981.

okt 31, 2007, 1:51pm

U and V are easy for me (obviously). I will have trouble with L and R.

nov 1, 2007, 2:59pm

This is an "L" book that wasn't bad.
Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know by E.D. Hirsch Jr. (1988) (my tags: education, anthropology, culture) LOC call #: LB45 .H57

nov 1, 2007, 4:58pm

Thank you, I'll see if my library has it.

Redigerat: nov 2, 2007, 11:32am

Were any of the U and V books you read the kind that might appeal to people without a particular interest in the subjects?

Thanks for recommending The Hundredth Monkey, vpfluke. I'll keep an eye out for it.

nov 2, 2007, 9:55pm

Wow that is a tough question. I think the book that might be easy on the nerves is 'Patton's Third Army'. It is not that long and can be read in a day and is on a scale that is not very detailed. A lot of the others are very technical about the armament, range, etc. Great for those really into the equipment.

I really enjoyed 'Taschenbuch der Kriegsflotten. 19. Jahrgang 1918'. It is in German, it is a ship identification book (ie. spotters book) designed for wartime use so you can identify what the capabilities of the ship you are facing. Next would be Guns at Sea'.

'The History of the Chaplain Corps' I found interesting. But you may need a Military Library to find it.

I had to read a lot of books and choose many. Like 'Navigation' I was ordered to read...and tested on! But then I lived on a boat and ship (yes there is a difference) for a few years.

Oh! Actually 'Careers in the Army' would be dry but easy to read...if you can handle seeing job descriptions and their associated MOS numbers. You may be able to get this for free from a recruiter. Of course it has been decades since I talked with a recruiter so things may have changed since then.