Finding missing LCCN

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Finding missing LCCN

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nov 5, 2007, 3:16pm

Unless you've been scrupulous about adding every book from the Library of Congress, chances are you have some books without classification numbers, or with those green 'unconfirmed' numbers.

Here's how to find the missing pieces:

1. Go to and search for the title or ISBN, or search for 'worldcat (title)' (minus the punctuation, of course) which should provide the proper link as the first hit or 'worldcat (ISBN)' which will probably provide the proper link as the only hit.

2. Go down the list of libraries that have the book until you encounter an academic library -- almost all academic libraries catalog by LoC number.

3. Click on that one, and they should provide your missing catalog number. Add it to your catalog.

This won't help you to find a good book to fill up those pesky missing categories, but at least you can have complete info in your own catalog.

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Save a step and go to:

nov 5, 2007, 7:09pm

One way that some books get a call number is in the combination process. That is the same book but registered twice in LT, one with and without a call number, the combining process has given a couple of my books the number

nov 5, 2007, 8:01pm

Yes, I know about combination.

This is when those are missing (and I've seen at least one case in my library where the green "guess" was flat-out wrong.)

(And I've found that worldcat finds some when the LoC is missing them for an ISBN search, or when the LoC number is one of those "CPB Box xxxx" numbers).

Sheesh. Gotta spell out every little detail or people think you're an idiot. :)

nov 5, 2007, 10:32pm


I am hoping that all my blank LOC and Dewey fields get populated without any effort on my part, ha-ha.

I think a bunch of us are becoming librarians.

nov 6, 2007, 12:05pm

Some of us are librarians! :)

If you need help finding an LC number on a random book, let me know. Copy cataloging is normally a fairly simple endevour, but original cataloging sometimes takes a little more effort. has a librarian section where you can find the classification outline and do some original catloging on your own ( While I'm not a cataloger, I do have experiance cataloging, so I can give you a hand too. :)

Oh, and if you're looking in a public library's catalog, you might want to check the MARC record to see if the LC number is there. Since most ofhteir work is copy cataloging, they should. Look for 050 (that's the field for LC). Conversly, if you're doing the Dewey challenge, Dewey numbers are in 082.

jan 10, 2017, 10:23am

I've got some obscure privately published older books with no LC numbers in the MARC records for other libraries. However, my library uses LC numbers for cataloging and shelving. Any suggestions on how I can catalog books without LC numbers?

jan 14, 2017, 9:14pm

I was able to borrow the LC catalog directory from my local library and make copies of the pages with classifications that I use all the time. Maybe your library can do the same? Before I had those pages to guide me, I made an educated guess about the heading and had my label maker just box in bold that number so it was obvious upon scanning the shelves that it was not shelved with the perfect number.