Photos from Germany in 30's and 40's

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Photos from Germany in 30's and 40's

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Redigerat: mar 4, 2017, 10:11 am

A couple of days ago a coworker who is retiring gave me a packet of photographs taken by his aunt who lived and worked in Germany during the 30's and 40's. Unfortunately, there is very little context for the photos. A few have hand written notes on the back written in Seutterlin script which we are trying to puzzle out. I'm in the process of scanning them for posterity.

This one is particularly interesting. I'm hoping someone might be able to explain what it is. I don't know where or when it was taken. I'm thinking that it may have been some sort of harvest festival, but that is just a wild guess. Does anyone have any idea what it might be?

My friend isn't entirely sure of what she did for a living. He believes that she was a translator for a railroad construction company. Most of the images are pictures of men that she met. There are a lot of portraits given to her by soldiers. Apparently she was quite attractive. One was inscribed "In memory of lovely legs, Fred". :-)