Interviewer needed: Eric S. Martell -- Science Fiction Time Travel Romance

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Interviewer needed: Eric S. Martell -- Science Fiction Time Travel Romance

Redigerat: dec 7, 2017, 10:47 pm

I'd like someone to interview me about Heart of Fire Time of Ice. It's been out for over a year and is selling well. A lot of research went into the book, some of which might provide good material for an interview. I've now got a sequel out (All the Moments in Forever) that was written at the request of several of my readers.

I've posted links to all my science fiction novels below (coming out with a new one shortly: Cyber-Witch). I'm published in 5 anthologies to date and you can find some of the stories on my author blog.

Should you decide to interview me, I will provide you with either an ebook or a paperback that you won't have to return, your choice. I'm in Florida (Eastern Time Zone).

I've posted the back cover blurb for Heart of Fire Time of Ice below the links.

Thanks for considering me!

Amazon Author page for Eric Martell:

Author blog - free stories, previews for novels, ideas, and unsolicited opinions:

Science Fiction Adventure-- Gaea-Ascendant Trilogy:

Time Travel Stories
Heart of Fire Time of Ice:
Paradox: On the Sharp Edge of the Blade:
All the Moments in Forever (sequel to Heart of Fire Time of Ice):

-----------------------Heart of Fire Time of Ice------------------------------


Physics doctoral student, Kathleen Whitby, is a pathetic figure around campus. Completely focused on her research, she fears and actively avoids all social contact. Her difficult past has led to an extreme distrust of other people and the ingrained fear that her physical scarring would make it impossible to develop a relationship.

Kathleen's quantum physics research guides her development of mathematical formulas and leads to the conclusion that time-travel is possible. Her discovery inexorably sets off a horrifying series of events that results in her temporal displacement into the Pleistocene. She translates into the time of the Younger Dryas – a period where the global temperature abruptly cools an average of ten degrees and causes the advance of glacial ice sheets.

She must now learn to survive in a hostile and cold wilderness. The ice-age environment forces her to confront her worst fear as she finds that trust in a handsome, primitive hunter becomes paramount in order to survive.

Can she overcome her fear? Will the harsh climate and fierce beasts of the Younger Dryas force her to ignite a carefully suppressed, internal fire, or will she be able to return to the safety of the present?