Interviewer needed: Weiqi Wang (Epic Fantasy series)

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Interviewer needed: Weiqi Wang (Epic Fantasy series)

Redigerat: jun 1, 2018, 8:45 pm

Title: Code of Rainbow (Epic Fantasy series)
Author name: Weiqi Wang
I have ebooks available to sent for free, for the first two books in the series.
I live in US, San Jose area (California).

Hey folks, my name is Weiqi. I'm a data scientist but I write epic magic fantasy - well, I've been trying to bridge science with magic in my way.

The motivation started during my early scientific career when I was studying for my phd degree in University of Oxford, UK. Not everyone cares to know that "phd" is called "D.phil" in Oxford and Cambridge, and it means "doctor of philosophy". The point is that philosophy is defined to be "the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence", so it's a big broad umbrella that covers most scientific research fields, if not all of them. But giving it a further thought, "the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence" is far from being sufficiently explained by the current state of science, due to the limitation of our knowledge to the nature and truth. In fact, there are quite some factual phenomena that actually dis-obey our current scientific theories or understandings. This indicates a possibility that there can be more philosophies to explain the world, alternative to the mainstream one (aka science). Hence I've been putting this thought into my books, and the alternative philosophy here is a well-known word - "magic".

Therefore, my definition of magic is somewhat different from the “traditional" one, although it does inherit some traditional features. As such, my book series (titled Code of Rainbow) may read like “pure" magic fantasy for the first couple of books, but they gradually head towards a different direction as the series go on. The bottom line is, anything is possible, and we should always have an open mind. Whichever cat that catches most mice is the best cat, regardless of its color or size.

my book website:
amazon author page:

Blurb of book I:
The world is beautiful because it's full with magic elements of seven types, each in a designated color - just like the rainbow code! That said, those colors could only be seen by rare and special eyes, such as Soarame's!

Many animals in this world possess magic power, so they were called "magimals". A well-known example is dragons, and we all know how strong they are. However, they are still not the most powerful kind of magimals, because each type of magic has a king kind - and never underestimate a magimal just because it looks cute and little!