Interviewer Needed - Ketan Desai (Thriller/Suspense

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Interviewer Needed - Ketan Desai (Thriller/Suspense

okt 2, 2018, 3:22 pm

 Interviewer needed: Ketan Desai (thriller/suspense)
 Germs of War, by Ketan Desai
 Blurb: What if ISIS had biological weapons? This nightmare scenario was published in Germs of War first in 1999, which predicted 9/11. A fast-paced amalgamation of science, international intrigue with rogue CIA agents battling terrorists, and politics. And a lonely student who can thwart it all. Will she be able to?
 Published 1998, republished Aug 21, 2002.
 Length: 294 pages, words 71,402
 Formats: PDF, soft cover, kindle, epub, .Mobi
 Amazon Link:
 Lives in USA