Interview needed: Lora Kempka (thriller/ drama)

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Interview needed: Lora Kempka (thriller/ drama)

apr 12, 2019, 6:40 pm

Deep Water
Tucked in the wooded niches of Johnston County North Carolina illegal barrooms serve as meeting places for drug dealers and hunting grounds for a serial killer. Tara Headley can’t escape the memories of an abusive husband and is always looking for her next easy prey. But when she sets her sights on Keith Harper, Tara learns not all prey is easy.

Night shift factory worker Bobbie Harper has a secret she swore to take to her grave. But with her marriage crumbling, she worries that her past has somehow been revealed. Why else would her husband Keith be so distant and moody? His unwillingness to include Bobbie in his new nightlife forces her to find answers anyway she can. But what she discovers has less to do with Keith and more about her own humanity. Bobbie is about to find out how far she will to go to save her marriage, and at what cost?

mainstream thriller/drama

I have hard copy and 1 PDF.
I live in the USA
Thank you.